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An Open Hand

I experienced an open hand the other night in a dream or somewhat a vision.  I had been praying throughout the day trying to overcome a heaviness in my heart over some issues dealing with prayer and miracles.   The open hand was shown to me by God.  God was speaking about what I have hopefully instilled in my sons.

The open hand is symbolic of a hand of giving, serving and reaching out.  It is a hand to receive, to be teachable, to be humble to extend into areas and walk by faith.  An open hand is also a hand that catches not only the good but also the bad.  As people of God we must have wisdom in order to sift out the things in which are not of God.  People who are led by the flesh or who are hurting themselves always try to pass the hurting baton to others.  Their motive may or may not wish to hurt but their actions out of selfish motives create a tendency to form rejection.  This sometimes can become very confusing.  God always looks on the heart.  An open hand, is an open heart.  We must continue to keep an open hand, always.  We cannot choose when to open or when to close and call it justification.  We must remain constant, balanced and saved.

A closed hand is refusing to give, to love or to lead by example.  It is as if someone folds their hands and puts them in their pocket.  By this stature or this form of a closed fist may prevent bad things to come your way or from being hurt but it also prevents an open heaven of blessings.  A closed hand cannot receive.  A closed hand symbolizes pride and selfish motives.

Either we are open or we are closed.  To be open is to forgive and say, I am willing to be vulnerable in which I may get hurt again but I will survive and push forward.  It is a form of expression to find peace, freedom and joy.  To be closed is rejecting all and everything the soul searches for.

Today my prayer for you is to open up your heart and open up your hands to receive what God wants you to receive.  Every morning wake up with a new perspective on life, living it for the Kingdom of God with eternal values.  Stand upright in your words, decisions and actions and teach others to have an open hand.

Prayer:  Lord, I pray with open hands today, ready to receive all that you want me to receive.  Give me the wisdom to sift through e things that come my way.  I pray my heart will always be open to love others as you love me.  You have shown us the example of what an open heart and hands look like as you died on the cross for each one of us.  I thank you Jesus for the visions, the dreams and the encouragement you give me daily.  In Jesus Name. Amen

Psalms 112:9  Bible in Basic English Proverbs 16:3
He has given with open hands to the poor; his righteousness is forever.  Put your works into the hands of the Lord, and your purposes will be made certain.


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