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Praying Today for a Miracle

Today I sit here without freshly brewed coffee.  What was I thinking when I made the last of the bin yesterday?  I should have stopped at the store for more.  I settled for instant coffee my mother had gave me, not bad, just different.  It taste like the coffee in India which is forever etched in my mind.  The children there, the coloring sheets they recently sent in the mail for me with their writings in Telegu brings tears to my eyes.  I miss them everyday and my heart aches to return soon.

The little girl we rescued and bought her freedom has not been well since she arrived at the home.  The testing has taken a toil on Praveen taking care of her.  He sent me an email stating the doctors urged him to put Anitha in hospital for she has AIDS.  This has broken my heart and I couldn’t even imagine what Praveen must be going through now.  Anitha told her story of how the men who have came to the mines to buy the rock, the truck drivers would abuse her little body, continuously raping her.  She is around 12-14 years of age.  They are infecting all the little girls that are still at the mines including Anitha’s sisters who are enslaved there.  We paid $3500.00 to free her.  Praveen is going to talk to the mine owner, which is eleven hours away and tell him of these men and what they are doing.  Hopefully the owner will cease the contact between since he knows they are infected for this ruins his workers although he probably is paid for each one of the girls they abuse.  It is a sad system, corrupt and evil.  A precious little girl, sad and afraid now lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life because of wicked men.  It takes me back to the question of “Why does God allow this to happen”?  Many people have asked the same thing.  My answer is unknown and in time we shall see the glory that God brings about through it all.  Our faith is increased, our prayer life is increased and we are made strong in our weakness to depend upon Him to be the healer, provider and miracle worker.  Anitha needs all three at this time.  Please pray for her right now to receive peace, faith and total recovery.  In Jesus Name we bind together to stop this madness and protect God’s children!

Today, I will not eat for little Anitha.  Not much of a sacrifice but God sees my heart and my intentions.  I pray for Praveen for his faith to increase, strength to have courage and for his mind to be renewed.  Please agree with me in prayer today for the enemy will not win, God will always get the glory no matter the outcome.

II Corthinthians 1:4  New International Version (©1984)
Who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.


3 thoughts on “Praying Today for a Miracle”

  1. Joining you in prayer today for Anitha, and the other precious children at the mines.
    Jesus, we pray for renewing of Anitha’s mind, body and spirit. May your glory be shown throughout the region, would you remove the blindess of the men that our ravaging your little girls and boys, may they see the wickedness of their actions. God would you thwart the devil’s plans, may your name become known and lifted high.
    Bless Mercy29’s work in India, Africa and throughout the world.

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