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Becoming A Favorite

Have you ever been around people who seem like they have a silver spoon in their mouth or a gold nugget in their pocket?  Do you know anyone who is happy all the time, always in a good mood, smiling and welcoming the day with open arms?  Have you ever seen a child who was their daddy’s or momma’s favorite?  How does one become one of those favorite or get everything they ask for with favor and blessing?  This was the question we talked about in Staff meeting yesterday.

The person who is most around will most likely get the blessing without even asking for it.  Let  me explain.  If you have two children and you love both of them dearly.  One is rebellious and the other is loving.  Although you will automatically gravitate toward the most loving one, you still love the other one just the same however you may not like his actions or lifestyle.  The rebellious one moves out and is on his own. He struggles with meeting his most basic need so when you do finally get to see him your main concern as a parent will be to make sure his basic needs are being met to survive.  You care and love him because he is your son and it hurts you to see him also hurt.  To practice tough love and not an enabler requires wisdom in dealing.  The other son on the other hand continues to want for nothing.  He is at home enjoying life to its fullest, traveling and living a life of blessing.  The son who is on his own struggles and ends up with scars from abuse of the world he has chosen.  His lifestyle and wrong choices has led him to a place of unhappiness and want.  Now, who do you think becomes the favorite?  Both are loved the same, but the one who lives with the parents reap the benefits of being favorite for that time.

Can you relate to this story?  Love is a choice.  You can choose to love or choose to ignore.  Favorite people draw people toward them not push them away.  Favorite people are those who show love to others and choose to live promoting the good things of life.  They show respect, interest and are always trying to enhance a relationship.  That is the key to being favorite!  RELATIONSHIP!  How do I know this all to well?  This relates to my own sons.  The oldest chose to leave our home when he turned 18.  He struggled in living in a world of chaos making dangerous and risky choices while my other sons lived without wanting anything.  While the oldest was needing hot water and basic necessities to live, the other boys went on vacations with us and enjoyed being a part of the family.  We loved all our boys the same, but the ones who had the closest relationship are the ones who reaped the benefits.  Once my son realized where there was hope and a brighter future knowing who His Father was, he turned his life around and became a favorite once again.  Once you are birthed into a family you cannot change who you are and you are destined to inherit the Kingdom only if you pursue it.

How do we become God’s favorite?  Relationship!  If we live in His house, allow Him to provide for us, be obedient, look for Him along with spending time with Him we automatically reap the benefits.  However on the flip side if we turn away from Him, go out on our own and live the way we want, we will become shallow, needy and broke.  Here are the basic rules for being favorite in God’s heart.

Repent – changing the way you think about things. Not just being sorry for the old lifestyle but changing to live in and for the Kingdom.  Have eternal values.  This begins living with the Daddy.

Thankfulness = finding something good in all things.  Think positive and look with vision.  Enhance your relationship with the Father by being there, knowing Him, talking with Him and having relationship with Him.  This includes knowing the Word, how to live it and walk it out.  It is knowing who Jesus Christ is and connecting to the One who can see you through any circumstance.

Fruit = multiplication.  Speak your world into existence.  Prophecy into the wind what you desire and go for it.  Live out your dream by making the right choices and seeing the fruit of not only your hands, lifestyle and speech but you will also reap what you have sown spiritually and physically.  When you reach this stage, stay humble and let God continue to bless you.  You become one of His favorite children.

HOW DOES ONE BECOME GOD’S FAVORITE?  Not just living out bare necessities but being in the presence of the Father all the time.  It comes with a relationship which equals same family.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus in your stillness of the house, I find you there and crawl into your lap.  I the daughter of the King listen to your breath of life and count the moments I spend with you.  I don’t ever want to stray away from being one of your favorites.  I  praise you for who you are because you are my Daddy, my love, my favorite.  In Jesus Name.  amen

New International Version (©1984)
Ephesians 1:3  Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Mark 10:14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.


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