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Looking Up

Since I have been talking about relationships my last few blogs and seeking direction for the first of the year I have tapped into some great revelations in which I need to change my perspective on.  I have spoken about prioritizing our time in which equals out balance with family, friends, church and activities.  I also spoke about relationships dealing with intimacy with God and with others.  It all boils down to being honest and open, transparent to others to meet a peaceful and happy life.  If you want 2010 full of happiness then maybe it is time to readjust perspectives, motives, and selfishness.  I want to focus on being humble also this year.  I want to look up, not behind in the past, not below my means but look up toward a higher plan.  I choose to look up!

Life is full of highs and lows, and for many  it is hard to humble ourselves because pride keeps us wanting to keep to ourselves in our own little world. Pride can keep us looking behind or below and also living in fantasy trying to escape reality.  But when we deny our own pleasures and desires, and put God first, then we begin to understand what is really important to be filled with God’s desires of love and hope.  Jesus reached people not by hiding out but reaching out, going to seek and save the lost.  Being honest and humble and keeps that inner peace in which we have sought for so very long.

I am going to change this year with, “I will think before I speak and I will try not to judge in things that I hear”. With this thought in mind it is much easier to live according to God’s will, don’t hurt and don’t condemn but love and give mercy.  It is a good thing to want to be used mightily by God. However, our wish must be focused squarely on God’s glory and never on our own. The temptation is great for our pride and selfishness to creep in.  Sometimes we justify these prideful thoughts and selfish ambitions by thinking that “if we just become more popular, then we will have opportunity for more influence for God”. We must reject these deceitful and dangerous ideas to build ourselves up but to focus on Kingdom growth.  I think that is why I get myself into so many projects is to feed my ego, self-worth or my love language.  It is when I do things for others, make people feel better or get involved with activities which sometimes eats away my time.   We must make the decision daily to be the servant and to humble ourselves before God and look at motives on why we do things. He will lift us up and use us for his glory when our motives are pure.  I can be a servant or a service as long as it brings glory back to God, not myself.

Prayer:  Lord, I want to stay pure in my motives in everything that I do.  Please help me to stay humble in all areas and give you the glory.  I choose to be merciful, forgiving and loving to others.  I worship you for your loving ways, your mercy that endures forever over all of our faults, failures and self-deception motives.  You are awesome God and I want to grow closer to you every day.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave – just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. – Matthew 20:26-28

For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. – Matthew 23:12

I want to look up for the year of 2010!  How about you?  Please comment and tell others how you or others can change for the better.  I appreciate your honesty and openness to share.


2 thoughts on “Looking Up”

  1. Love reading your thoughts. I find myself just being so appreciative to know that our God is such a great Dad. He only wants the best for us…and sometimes our decisions and over zealous desires cause us to walk a different path than He would have for us. But He never leaves us….He is such a gentleman….never forcing His will on us. But eventually we learn that if we just let go and seek His desires for us…we find that it lines up with what we want.
    The biggest thing I have learned it that if we focus on rejoicing in Him FIRST, He will give us the desires of our heart…I have experienced it first hand…time and time again. So many have it backward…they wait until something good happens to them, and then they are thankful…instead of being thankful first. I start each day thanking God for every thing I can think of….and each day, there are more than the day before. What an awesome God we serve!!

  2. Thank you Christie for sharing! You have a message worth sharing and I hope in some way we all will have the same agenda of being thankful first! Well spoken and honest.

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