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Develop a Divine Perspective

Our perspective on an issue determines how we react to the circumstances we are currently experiencing.   Many times we act before we think it out and sometimes make the wrong decision.  I don’t know about you but I want to develop a divine perspective.  I want to see the end in the beginning.  We need courage to approach the situation and realize the only way to engage in battle is to win against the enemy.  So why do so many people still turn around and go back into the mess God has delivered them from?  We learn there are no limitations with God and no limits to His blessings, His provision, His abundance and His peace yet unbelief plays a big part in the eyes of believers.

Being a pastor/counselor I hear many stories when dealing with people’s lives.  I have seen people be delivered from alcohol, drugs and other addictions.  Some are still living free from this curse and yet some go right back into the mess and continue to dabble in it.  I don’t understand why anyone would want to continue to expose not only their children to habits they suffered with all their life but also other struggling believers.  With a divine perspective then we all could see the end in the beginning and we would change with a heart of repenting action.

Here is an article I came across dealing with this subject and is worth reading.
a divine perspective

We are all participating in this human experience, and part of this experience will always be life challenges. How you handle the challenges will make all the difference in the world. You can either conquer your challenges, or they can conquer you. What seems to be the determining factor as to how well you will survive, is the perspective you have on life and the challenges you will face. You can choose to have a human perspective, or you can choose a divine perspective.

What is a divine perspective? A way of seeing life that gives hope, ends suffering, and gives you the courage to go on. A perspective that diminishes anger, sadness, pain and conflict, and eventually brings peace. A divine perspective does not originate from our human, self-centered feelings and beliefs; but from universal, spiritual principles.

People who are the happiest and most successful at life have a divine perspective, whether they are aware of it or not. The belief that “prayer changes things” has always been a divine perspective.

If you are to have inner peace, the perspective you choose is crucial. For example, you can see your critical, non-supportive, worst nightmare of a boss, as a vengeful individual out to destroy you, Or, you can see him as one of your “teachers”, who will enable you to learn some of life’s toughest lessons. You can see your unloving parent as the cause of all your pain and suffering. Or, you can see your parent as an imperfect individual, who is a product of her past, just as we all are. Recognizing, that one cannot give what one does not have. You can see your unfaithful “ex” as the person who set out to hurt you and cause you great pain. Or, you can see him as an imperfect individual who did what he was internally motivated to do. Recognizing, that his actions were not about you, but about him.

If you are facing one of life’s challenges, think about what beliefs you are holding about your situation. Are your beliefs helping or hurting your situation? You are stuck in the human perspective if your beliefs perpetuate fear, hurt, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, shame, or conflict. Why not choose the divine perspective? The perspective you hold will determine how long and how deep you will suffer. Pain is inevitable, continuing to suffer is not.


1. Problems, difficulty, and painful challenges are part of the process of shaping and preparing us for who we are to become. Everything that has happened to us, beginning with our childhood experiences, is meaningful and purposeful. Life has a way of giving us the tools we will need in our futures. Sometimes we need to be jolted or pushed into becoming who we are destined to be. And, nothing gets our attention like pain. Personal pain has motivated people to fight injustice, write great novels, give to the needy, create works of art, establish organizations, and sing soulful songs. Pain has caused a lot of misery in the world, but has also created the people who have made the world a better place. What will your pain lead you to do? Hopefully it will be something good.

Throughout our lives, we will repeatedly be presented with the opportunity to grow, change, learn our life lessons, and fulfill our destiny. You can resist, but life will continue to present you with opportunities to head in the right direction. Embrace your pain, embrace your challenges, they are your best teachers.

2. The people who come into our lives are there for a reason. The more significant the role they play, the more significant the reason. Either they were given to us, or we attracted them, because we needed them to be there. There is something we must learn from each of them. They, too, will prepare us and direct us towards our purpose and destiny.  And, they will teach us more about love, pain, and forgiveness than anything else.

3. What others do and say is more about them, than about us. People act out of their internal motivation. Being a self-centered as we are, we always think it is about us, when it is not,. We frequently are the objects of other people’s words or deeds, and we suffer because of it. But, it really is about the person who spoke the words, or committed the deed. It is about that person’s history, that person’s anger, and pain. It is not about us.

4. People are not perfect, they are only human and will make mistakes, yourself included. Mistakes are a part of life, so do not hold on to them. Learn from them, and move on. And because no one is perfect, we must learn to forgive ourselves and others. Often, it is not possible to forgive right away, as forgiveness frequently involves a process. Do not wait until you feel the person deserves it, forgive when the time is right. The time is right when you no longer want to carry the burden of unforgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift, often given to an undeserving person. When you forgive, the greatest gift is to yourself.

5. You are not here to fix, judge, or change others. You are here to work on yourself. You are the only one you can change. Others will change in their own time, when and if they choose to. Work on yourself.

6. Life is an ongoing test to see if you can handle the challenges that come your way. If you have happiness, good health, prosperity, love and peace; you are passing.

7. Whatever your plight in life, it is your “stuff”. Some people will have it better, and some will have it worse. Don’t waste time dwelling on what others have, or how much better off they appear to be. Your problems, your regrets, your disappointments, your pain- this is your “stuff’. Acknowledge it, come to terms with it, and move on. It is your responsibility to find a way to have a good life, in spite of  your “stuff”.

8. Regardless of the situation, you can always choose peace and you can always choose and allow God to have complete control.  You have a choice to choose divine perspective.

Prayer:  Lord help me not to look at others but to look at myself and change myself rather than trying to figure out why others act or choose not to live for you.  Help me understand your ways and see through your eyes.  Teach me Lord to have a divine perspective!  In Jesus name.  Amen.

I Samuel 16:7 New International Version (©1984)
But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.


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