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Many Moods During Holidays

This week has been crazy!  I can be up one minute and down the next!  Rushing around with the demands from people, family and the expectations from others can make anyone moody.  I bought a monster shot yesterday just to give me energy and it worked but it also made me irritable by the end of the day.  By ten, I am ready for bed.

This week we planned on starting a new tradition for the family.  In my head I had this idea of our family cooking together and preparing a meal for the family as a family.  Each team would prepare whatever they wanted and decide upon a game to play afterward as family time. Since we have several family members, we decided to divide up into teams.  Caitlin and Jordan were together for the first meal.  They went shopping for their meal and I handed over $100.  I didn’t think they would use the entire amount for one meal, but I was wrong.  Irritation there because for one, I always do the shopping for making sure I get the best product for the money and I don’t buy more than what I need.  They came home with five bags of food and zero money left.  Ok, I assume this meal will be awesome.

Last night, Caitlin had to work, so Jordan started preparing.  I didn’t want to get involved because it was their project.  Granny however decided to help slice and dice the veggies.  Caitlin had left the directions on the counter and I picked them up to read to them how to slice.  Of course, Jordan was not slicing them lengthwise.  Jordan had picked up chicken on the bone instead of breast, so it had to be cooked down and de-boned.  Bryson stepped in and pulled it apart for the sandwiches….. yes I did say sandwiches!  Gourmet sandwiches that is.  Grilled eggplant, zucchini, onions, red and green pepper with cheese and pesto (adding chicken).  It was very colorful and filling although my husband would have loved to have steak and potato instead of veggies.  As they were grilling on the stove, the oil from the veggies caught fire.  The downward vent was on high but the flames were going into it.  They all started screaming fire and had this panic look on their face.  I said, ” It is not going anywhere and it will burn out, leave it alone and keep grilling to finish up”.  The flames got higher so the idea of shutting off the air vent seemed like a good idea.  Now at this time they are all screaming, the house is full of smoke and an awful smell of burning veggies and garlic oil.  I get the baking soda and tossed it on the stove to put out the flame.  Then Jeff steps in and opens up the doors and windows to rid the smoke, which outside the weather is less than 40 degrees and the wind is blowing like a tornado.  Oh did I fail to mention we were expecting guest in ten minutes.  (watch this video just in case you might run into this situation in your kitchen, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOvdlVEN6wY )

They finished the sandwiches by baking them along with fries.  Humus and pita chips were our appetizers along with my cheese ball.  What was supposed to take thirty minutes to make took over 2 hours, along with a smelly house, a grill that needs cleaning and tons of dishes.  It was an experience that brought many moods out.  Spencer and Lyle entertained us in a wrestling match in which little brother made his older brother tap out after holding him down on the floor.  We finished up with the evening opening gifts and cleaning up the mess.  Granny left at nine to return to home, Lyle and Caitlin left to go give a family, Merc29 children sponsorships and I went to bed.  Things might not ever come out to what you planned but you can still make the best out of it!

Today is a new day and it is Christmas!  I am fixing a casserole to take to my parents home and yes; we will play games there.  We then usually go to the movies this day as a tradition in which my husband will comment about how much a family of 7 costs to get in and then spend $40 on popcorn and coke.

God made us moody creatures.  We are to express our emotions because He made us in His image.  We will experience many moods there and see many moods upon our family members.  It is funny to watch the expressions on others trying to hold it together when irritated.  Our moods and emotions should always reflect Him and His character no matter what circumstances we go through including burning the veggies, a mess in the kitchen, and gift-wrap all over the floor.

Prayer:  Lord help us all get through the day of Christmas and being out of our regular routine.  I pray we always reflect your mercy, kindness and love.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

John 4:6 Jesus, tired out by the journey, sat down…. .  (Even Jesus found time to rest but it didn’t keep him from ministering even in the midst of it all.)


5 thoughts on “Many Moods During Holidays”

  1. I am soo sad I missed this. And thank you – beautiful woman of God for this reminder that moods are okay 🙂 love you !!! xoxo

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