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Avatar the Movie

Last night I went and seen my first 3D movie Avatar.  I was entertained as I escaped into another world of fantasy and I think it will appeal to those guys who like to watch action fighting movies and to the gals who like sappy love stories.  It will also appeal to the spiritual side of people who know prayers can be answered and there is always a second life to be found.

Avatar was almost three hours long, had quite a few spiritual over tones to it and the essence of the actual love story in the midst of war was great.  It was a story of love, war, communication, culture differences, nature and rebirth.  Avatar, is about in the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na’vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Despite the fact they looked twelve feet tall, their bodies were quite beautiful.  All the women had skinny bodies, another fantasy, right?!  Those from Earth find themselves at odds with each other and the local culture.  While there he falls in love as he learns their ways and how to maneuver his new body.  The thought of owning your own flying bird which looks like a colorful pterodactyl is awesome.  At times I thought I might get a little motion sickness while watching it.  It made me laugh, cry and stay on the edge of my seat in all the drama.  You will actually fall in love with these aliens and root for them in the end.

The only concern is knowing the spiritual overtones goes without saying most watchers might not be aware.  In the movie, their tails are powered with a connection of tiny hair like structure that connects to their horses, flying birds, trees etc.  It has much Mother Earth symbols and speech about the planet and the past ancestors speaking to you.  They also speak about when you die, you are giving back to the planet and become one with it.  As a Christian, we know the Holy Spirit is the only power connection we should have.  We shouldn’t go around speaking, worshipping, chanting in the forest to other gods.  We know we don’t talk to our dead loved ones because it is a form of witchcraft called necromancy in which the Bible strictly forbids.  We know we shouldn’t pray to a soul of trees or to mother planet for direction to get prayers answered for we know that prayers are answered through faith in Christ Jesus.  We know when you die, yes your body does return to the earth as dirt, but your spirit will live again in the hereafter called eternity.

Overall, I really liked the movie.  It is fantasy and has a happy outcome in which you will root for the aliens and you will deny your own human race.  Spiritual connection and faith are portrayed and rebirth with a new life brings out a smile on your face when you leave the theater.  My sons, Bryson and Jordan came out squeaking and making noises like the calling of their bird and language in the movie.  We laughed and walked to our car knowing we had a great family time with our 3D glasses on.

Prayer:  Lord you have a way to bring families together.  I always want to view things from your perspective and not that of the world.  I know what is real, and it is you.  You created everything and I praise you for it.  You are my God and the only God who answers prayers and gives us hope for our future.  You are the One who gives us another chance, another life and life for eternity!  I love you!  Jesus Name. Amen

Deut. 6:4-9  Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is One.


1 thought on “Avatar the Movie”

  1. I heard the movie had a lot of adult themes and a lot of foul language ( foul the birds). Did you find this to be true? Tricia said that Joseph was too young to see it and therefore, I am very hesitant to see it myself.

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