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The Line is Love

I have had to counsel several marriages during the last few years.  One thing I have learned not only with my marriage but also when helping others is, Marriage takes work, commitment and sacrifice.  When we research the Biblical understanding of marriage, it means to give wholeheartedly to one another showing agape love.  It is pleasing one another.  What happens in most cases, one person usually gives more than the other one which causes resentment and bitterness down the road.  It really boils down to communication also.  If we truly want to obey Scriptures then the fact remains:  Wives choose to please your husband and husband give to the wife as Christ gave himself to the church.  It is a two-way street and giving on both sides.  Both must be willing to obey Scripture and live a Christian life.

As we get ready to celebrate this Christmas, let us remember what love truly means not only in our marriage but also the love God had to send His son knowing that He would die for all of us.  It is love that a man would lay down his life for another.  That is total sacrifice, giving and true love.

Let all of us reflect this love during the season.

John 3:16  For God gave His only Son, that you can believe to have eternal life.


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