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Giving & Waiting

We need a donor who is willing to part with $10,000 or less to make a an entire India village of children happy!  Want to buy a gift this year that counts?  This year we took on a big project, we want to mail 400 filled shoe boxes to India and we are finding out it is no easy task.  You may wonder why I am writing this, but it is for that one who knows how to get the gifts there and reads this blog.  A plea for help is what I am asking.  Have money and want to give in a charitable way this Christmas?  You have found the answer so keep reading.

Each shoe box is filled with toys, crayons, pens and pencils, stickers, wash cloths and soap, combs and all other little goodies that Indian children do not have.  We have 400 fleece blankets to send, shoes for their feet and clothes too.  It is packed and ready to go.  DHL wants 1900.00 for 1700 pounds.  UPS, Fed EX and regular postal service will run around 8-10 thousand dollars for importing.  Going on a ship is the route we hope to go but the things will not make it there by Christmas, in fact it will take around a month to get there, but seems to be the more affordable way.  Hopefully less than $4000.00. I called Samaritan’s Purse and they were willing to take all the items off our hands but there was no guarantee where the items would go.  We wanted them to go to Kakinada to the orphanage there.

Call it what you will, maybe poor planning on our part or the “assuming” it won’t cost that much, however the fact remains, it cost money and lots of it.  We have been thrown questions or statements such as, “You should have just gave money and let them buy the things over there”.  You see, first of all, they don’t have the things there like we do here, and second it is more expensive there and third, it plays a big part here in coming together for a cause.  I have seen people come and support this endeavor to help those who are less fortunate.  It makes people feel good to help others and when it is the season it makes it right.  There is no price to pay for the freedom of the two children from slavery, or the girls from prostitution, or for the starving beggar who we took in off the streets.

I wait upon God to send the answer.  It is when we step out in faith, God will supply and fill the need.  We give and we wait.  I am waiting on a response from you, faithful reader who stumbled across my blog.  Go ahead, send me a message and fulfill the dreams of an orphan boy or girl in India and provide a way to ship it to them.  It is you, who God has called.  God Bless!

Prayer:  Lord you never fail, you always supply the need and hear our prayers.  Thank you for your answer and your ways that are far above our ways and understanding.  You alone have blessed the person who will help us make this possible and open their heart to supply the funds to get our items to the children.  In Jesus Name, Amen

King James Bible Psalms 6:9
The LORD hath heard my supplication; the LORD will receive my prayer.


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