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Love to Hate

This morning I woke to remember several dreams last night.  The dreams consisted of being a soldier in some kind of war.  It was somewhere in the years of 1940s.  It was quite strange riding on a boat, trying to save people and feeling safe.  All throughout my dream I was happy and never seemed fearful as though I already knew the outcome of this war.  War is always chaotic but my war in my dream was not.  I never had to fight, just pull people to safety.  I smiled to myself while getting out of bed and asking God, “what the heck was that all about?”.  I love it when I dream and I love to pull out the meaning.

Any type of vehicle is a form of ministry.  I was on a boat.  Saving people speaks for itself, for I love to encourage people to leave the mess of a world behind and come into peace and rest through Jesus Christ.  Of course you see where this is going, I already do know the outcome of this war.  Jesus is and always will be victorious and it is He who has fought this battle.  I don’t have to fight what he has already conquered.  Many times my mind races to the next adventure in my dreams and also in reality.  Sometimes the adventure is weary and I may struggle within but then there are times when there is happiness.  It is the time when we feel heavy or complexed about an issue is when those times we depend upon our God to carry us and save us.  We cannot always be happy and carefree for then we will not want to depend upon Jesus but on ourselves which only leaves us lonely.

We must learn to love to hate.  Think about this statement.  Love to hate sin.  How can we train ourselves to hate sin?  We must first learn to love.  Love Jesus with everything that is within us.  Love Him in a way that surpasses all that may come our way.  Love in a way that it reflects Him living inside us.  He is the resurrection walking in our body, our flesh.  Every time you move, or speak, or grasp or walk, it is Christ.  We must love, be love and show love.  Once the love is within, we must hate every part of sin that tries to take over our minds and our flesh.  We love to hate.  We must love to hate sin.  You cannot stop the sin unless you love.  Love only comes from knowing Jesus in a relationship, not through service or works.  It is faith of Jesus walking within and living within and doing what He wants.  Only then can we accomplish to hate sin or to conquer it.  Love cast away all fear.  Love gives us peace and rest.  Love is just an attribute of living, working, eating and breathing Jesus inside us.  We must learn to let Jesus move inside our body, soul and mind.  We must love to hate.  We must love Jesus enough to allow Him to live within us and it is only then we hate sin enough to where it has no part in our lives.  This seems simple but yet we struggle to know and understand this concept.

Here is today’s exercise:  Stand up and take a deep breath.  Imagine Jesus standing right in front of you.  As you are breathing in, Jesus suddenly turns into vapor of spirit form.  He moves toward you and travels into the air of which you are breathing in.  As you stand there and breath out, an ugly vapor creature is blown out from your soul.  It falls as a dead man at your feet.  It is then you have realized Jesus is living on the inside of you.  The creature is self, it is sin, it is the old man.  Lift up your hand and look at it.  Can you feel the power which now moves it?  You are the costume in which Jesus now resides in.  He is the one on the inside operating your body as a glove.  We are the body of Jesus.  Everywhere you go, eat, breath, sleep, touch is Jesus.  Allow Jesus to use you to show His love and caring ways.  Don’t go pick up the dead creature and resurrect it to be put back into your body.  You must love to hate.  Love Him enough to be like Him and then the hate of sin will manifest.  This is when you find true peace.

Prayer:  Lord sometimes we forget who and what we have living on the inside and we forget that it is you who fights the battles of life for us.  When we realize we cannot conquer life itself and that we must depend upon you to love to hate.  Help us all to know you in a way we will love and know your love and share your love with others.  In Jesus name I pray, amen.

John 8:12 New International Version
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


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