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Break It!

Sometimes it is good to break a routine.  We all can get overwhelmed when we have a schedule that completely wears us out.  Since the holiday season is upon us, stress and tension adds up.  We all have our normal routine, well at least most of us do.  We wake up at a certain time, even if we want to sleep late, we can’t.  We usually eat the same foods, fix the same meals, eat at the same time of the day, go to work, do the same thing, you get the picture.  We who like to schedule everything because time is the key and it seems if you are busy none of us have enough of it.  We make ourselves busy and we make ourselves time when we really do want it.  When you find yourself under a lot of stress or feeling overwhelmed then it is time to break routine.  Break it for a few days and do something different.  I am not saying do something you would regret but do something that you enjoy or makes you laugh.  Let the steam off and go to a gym, have a girls or guys night out, instead of watching TV play a board game, pick up a camera and take pictures of people making faces, hang out in pajama’s all day watching movies, cook a new recipe, anything you can do to give you a break from normal routine.  Spend time writing down things you want out of your life, set goals and talk to God about them.  Take a few days and go somewhere.

Jeff and I get so busy sometimes we find it hard to communicate effectively.  That is why many times we take a mini trip to break routine.  Usually have about three days we are ready to get back into the swing of things and return home.  Come to think of it, we do plan out our trips too.  This makes us prepare and when we do come back to reality we are not in regret for spending too much money.  It is as though we have to plan to break routine.  When we take these little trips it gives us time to hold hands and do the romantic stuff that most couple want and helps us to focus on each other.  In return it helps us with our relationship without interference with other people or having time against us.  We have our favorite restaurant, our favorite shopping places, our favorite theater to watch the latest movies and of course the places where we want to relax.  We even have developed a routine when we are breaking a routine!

Jeff tells a story about two men in a contest to each chop down a tree.  Upon starting, one man is chopping as fast as he could go without stopping.  The other man takes his time but pauses every so often and sharpens his axe.  Although it looks as though the first man will win, his axe is getting duller with each blow and it is to little effect.  However, the man with the sharpened axe is making a faster progress and shows greater accomplishment.  This man is the man who wins in the long run because he took time to prepare himself, not overwhelm himself.  So do you get what I am saying?  Sometimes you have to break routine to have greater effectiveness in your life.  You won’t be able to see the results you want if you continue to run out of energy or out of time.  Only those who find time to break it will live a productive and less stressful life.

Don’t allow stress to build, you must be willing to make a change and break routine for your own sanity.  Take time right now and make a list of what you would like to do to break routine.  Plan a time to see it through, then mark it off as you do it!  You will find it is much easier to return to your daily routine after doing it.

Prayer:  Lord only you can give me rest and it is when I spend time with you that truly helps me to break free from routine.  I thank you for your spirit that gives me rest when I have had a stressful day.  I know you have wonderful plans for us and that you will never put on us more than we can handle.  Help us to remember to sharpen our minds daily with your word and with communication not only to you but to others as well.  In Jesus name, amen.

Exodus 33:14 New International Version (©1984)
The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”


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