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Wanting The Best for Your Children

If you are a parent then you must feel what I feel.  We all have said, or most of have said, “I want to be better parents than my parents”.  It is not that we had bad parents, it is just things or choices we want done differently.  We find ourselves struggling at times in different seasons of our lives in how to deal with certain issues or circumstances.  We sometimes feel emotionally exhausted in our minds in trying to solve a problem which seems at the time a mountain.  We struggle over decisions of what is best for our children and for the family.  I remember the times how hard it was to sooth a crying baby, how to keep him in his bed, how to stop the sassy mouth, how to get them to conquer homework, teen years, clothing to wear, relationships, fights, being expelled from school, car wrecks and the list goes on.  I could tell the stories for sure!  How many times did I call the poison control line or end up in the ER room with my children?  The memories of each one is a mountain conquered!

I am a mother of four sons.  I always wondered why I didn’t have daughters but I just trust in God and let Him make that kind of decision in my life.  Although I prayed for a daughter, I biologically didn’t have one, yet have many young women in my life that I consider my daughters.  I am always teasing my sons about me not getting any younger and they need to hurry and get married and have me grandchildren.  However, now since I am involved with the children in our orphanage in India and in Africa, I feel as though I have many grandchildren.

We all want the best for our children don’t we?  Jordan was recently selected by a thirty-second interview to participate in a Pro Scout event held in Chicago.  He had went with a friend as for fun to see if they would get chosen.  Jordan introduced himself with a smile and firm handshake.  He talked directly and chose his words wisely and was handed over the invitation.  Of course the first thing out of my mouth was, “How much is it going to cost us?”  There is always a fee.  Talent agencies do not require a fee, in fact they pay you when you get a contract.  However Pro Scout is just a way to get in front of many talent agencies.  We paid the fee and shelled out the money for the trip, the hotel room and all the other expenses that goes along with any activity.  Parents always want to spoil their children if by any means possible.  (Sometimes just to see them smile and be happy.)  Pro Scout requires a fee to get the top agencies there to watch all the chosen.  Jordan worked out and chose particular clothes for the event in which he had a couple of months to get ready.  As always, several things was going on that particular week-end so Jordan took his friend and his granny.  His first day consisted of being trained and taught with the runway to the acting.  The acting coach really showed favor over Jordan and requested him to do a comedy monologue instead of a serious one.  On Sunday, I texted every few minutes wanting to know exactly what was happening.  Jordan was chosen with a call back of two agencies.  House of Representatives of Beverly Hills California and my BMG Worldwide was the two that chose Jordan.

Although I do not know what will happen to all my four sons or for the future but I do know they have been prayed over for favor.  I tell every new mother, “Your children is your ministry”.  I explained to Jeff just yesterday how proud I was to have him not only as a husband but also as a great father to our sons.  We didn’t always make the right decisions and I am sure we would have done things differently at times, however we served God to the best of our ability and He has blessed us.  God wants the same for all of His children. He wants to bring out the best.  He never wants to hurt us but to love us unconditionally no matter what life brings us.  We all have plans for a successful life, dreams and hopes for our future.  God wants to bless us, love us and take care of us as a Father.  In return, we love Him, we obey Him and follow Him. God wants to see the smile on all of His children, and I am smiling.  Smiling with hope, faith, love, favor, grace, mercy, peace and joy.

Prayer:  Lord I trust you in all that I do, and in all of my things that my family goes through.  Help me to promote your Kingdom in all of my plans.  I thank you for walking with me through all the mountains I have crossed.  I stand in awe of my Daddy!  Jesus name I pray, amen.

New International Version (©1984) Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


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