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Introducing Mercy

Have you met Mercy yet?  Mercy is often given to those who ask for it or received by those who don’t deserve it.  Mercy is something that will last forever and must be the baton passed on and extended to others.  Mercy is an attribute of Christian living.  Mercy takes place in the heart.  The heart will display what is on the inside, our true self.  Sometimes we as people want to hide our heart and not let anyone see because of lack of trust or fear of rejection or hurt.  However, there will come a time when mercy plays an important part in all of our lives whether we are the giver or the recipient.

We often here the words, “Lord have mercy” as an exclamation of words when talking about someone.  Mercy is the compassionate care for others whereby one takes on the burden of another as one’s own, this is a free gift, with no mutuality either implied or expected.  To have mercy on someone is to take away their pain, to help end their suffering.  It is showing compassion, kindness and forgiveness and it is being thankful.  Mercy is also related to grace.  Mercy is not getting what you deserve because the punishment is withheld.  Grace is getting what you don’t deserve because it is unmerited favor.  In other words, mercy is like a judge finding you guilty of a crime and rewarding you with Grace of thousands of dollars.

Forgetful as we are, things must be often repeated to us.  By mercy we understand the Lord’s disposition to save and set free those whom sin has captured.  This mercy has been from everlasting, and the effects of it will endure for ever, to all who are interested in it. The Lord continues equally ready to show mercy to all who seek for it, and this is the source of all hope and comfort.  It doesn’t matter what you have done or what the past has dictated to our lives today.   Mercy has followed and covered our past.  Through the blood of Jesus Christ and the mercy of God everything we have ever done is done away with just for the asking.  This is mercy and grace applied.

If we put into action to be like Jesus, through Him, and in Him, and give mercy to others we can change the world into a much better place.  We don’t have to look for mercy, for mercy is all around us and needs to be introduced through us.  Mercy is love and His love never fails and never ends.  Show mercy, show love and you have shown Jesus.

Prayer:  Lord, I work on displaying your love by displaying your mercy and grace.  Thank you for helping me understand these two things are entwined together.  I pray as we say we are of love that we show we are about your Kingdom by displaying your mercy and grace.  In Jesus name. Amen

Psalms 136:1
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. New International Version O give thanks to the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endures for ever. American King James Version


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