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Snap or Bark

Have you ever seen anyone just loose it?  We call it “snap” or “bark”.  It is when a person is under such pressure because of circumstances in which they cannot change, or letting upsetting things mount up and then explode.  This is how you tell if a person is spiritually mature or not to handle the hand in which we are dealt for the day.  When I see someone so call “snap” about something, then I know they are under some type of pressure that was not planned.  When they snap, I also realize they have not been keeping focus on the main thing in their life which is their relationship with Jesus.  We all have those bad days and we all snap at times.  When this happens we don’t care who sees us or who hears us bark.  We don’t realize there are people watching us, our children watch us and repeat the same emotion when they themselves are under pressure.  We must learn to stop the madness of a distorted view of Christian lifestyle.  

With all of the pressures of life and the daily grind of our own complex scheduling, we sometimes go full force with a busy lifestyle.  I cannot imagine just laying around all day watching TV or nothing to do.  When Jeff and I have a free day or night, we sometimes just look at each other and don’t know what to do with ourselves.  It is not very often where we have one of those days unless we plan it.  Everyday there is always something to do, however we must plan and keep our focus on the main thing.  Even with the business of keeping active with church, people, work and children or home, we must discipline ourselves to daily word and prayer.  We must fight just like everyone else spiritual battles and self nature.  We are no different.  There will be many things that try to distract us and get us off track of showing the love of Jesus Christ. This could be one of those snapping times.   It could be the boss who decided to be grouchy to you for no reason at all or it could be your child who suddenly got sick in the middle of the night in which all of these things are not planned or under our control to prevent.  I remember when Spencer’s hip came out of his socket last year while he was playing football.  This was not planned and was such a freak accident, yet through this circumstance, although shaken up as a mom, I remained calm while in the ER.  I could have blamed myself, Spencer, the coach or the other team who tackled him wrong.  I could have screamed at the coach for not taking him in the ambulance or the trainer who said it was just a pulled muscle.  However, this show of emotion of being upset would not prove anything after the fact except my immaturity of controlling my emotions along with my lack of Christian maturity.

When a person barks about a past event in which he could not have prevented there is care of fear and distrust, an emotional sin which only perplexes and distracts the mind.  What is the remedy for this?  Constant prayer and daily fellowship with Jesus.  We must join ourselves with Him daily with being thankful not only for the things in which we have but also for the mercies we have received.  We should value the mercy and depend on Him, which gives us peace.  Barking at others does not bring peace, only distractions.  This type of daily interaction with God will keep our hearts at peace and also keep us from sinning under troubles or situations of life that are unplanned.  We can remain calm under the pressures if we have constant communion with Him on a daily basis.  As believers we are to get and keep a good report for the good things we show not only to God but also to man.  We should walk with the ways of virtue whether our praise is of men or not it will be of God.  Joy in God is of great consequence in the Christian life; and Christians need to be again and again called to it. It more than outweighs all causes for sorrow.

Prayer:  Lord please help me remember the next time I get upset to remain calm in Your peace and loving kindness.  Let me continue to show Christian maturity with my emotions and be thankful for you always showing mercy to me.  Even in life’s daily unplanned situations, I will remain stable and will keep my snapping under control because you live with me and are greater than all distractions and circumstances.  In Jesus Name. Amen

Philippians 4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


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