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Overstuffed and Guilty

Thanksgiving is a time where family get together, eat, laugh and show love.  We start preparing days before in spending money for food, decorations and must have accessories and don’t forget the cleaning the house from top to bottom.  We get up early and start cooking in which makes us look exhausted by the time company arrives.  There is always the battle of who is coming and who is not or why is some of the family so dysfunctional.  Thanksgiving is a time to put aside quarrels or differences and instead a time to enjoy the thanksgiving of life itself.  Society however has made it far from being thankful or enjoying life.  Not only does our culture turn Thanksgiving into an exhausting day but also the day after becomes one too.  Black Friday as some call it is a day to fight, argue and push people out of the way to get those supposedly good buys.  I even saw on the news where the stores are no longer opening at 4 a.m. but now opening at midnight for all those early shoppers.  I don’t know how good of a deal it is to sleep right outside the store in a sleeping bag just to be the first person in the store because I have never shopped the day after Thanksgiving.  Maybe I am missing out of the so called fun or saving money.

Let us also reflect the banquet of Thanksgiving.  Whose idea was it to have every kind of vegetable on the table?  Whose idea was it to have not only turkey but also ham and chicken added to the table?  Why do we have to have a relish tray or appetizers before hand, or ten different desserts?  Why can’t families just get together and eat a simple meal, save time and save money, enjoy life and be thankful?

Now let us not forget the overindulgence everyone consumes.  We all know that we are going to stuff ourselves until we cannot eat another bite then we feel guilty about doing it.  Even when we know we are going to anyway.  Then there is tons of leftovers in which we must also stuff the fridge and still eat it again the next few days.  I sit here satisfied yet feel sad also.  I think of all the children I fed in India and how they just get rice.  I feel guilty knowing I have more than enough in my fridge to feed a village.

As I reflect today on Thanksgiving and the goodness of God, let us not forget those who have little or nothing at all.  Let us extend a hand to those who are hungry, sick and without family.  As you take a bite of the leftovers, don’t feel overstuffed and guilty but thankful that God has chosen to bless you just to bless others.

Prayer:  Lord help me to have your heart, the heart of giving and showing love.  I am  most thankful for all that you have done in my life.  I know you have prepared me to give to others.

I John 4:19
We love because he first loved us.   New International Version (©1984)


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