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Behold The Clouds

God's promise of FaithfulnessSharing what God spoke to me this morning.  Be rest assured God has heard your prayers and He speaks to you now…..

I am God, your Father.  Where you stand right now, I have given you and to your children.  Wherever you go it is yours and you will be blessed.  I am with you and I will keep you in all places wherever you go and I will bring you again into all lands you claim.  I will not leave you nor will I forget the promises I have made to you.  I am the only God and I am faithful.  I keep my covenants and mercy with them that love me and keep my commandments.  I will bless your future generations.  My faithfulness reaches high into the clouds and far above.  Look up and see the clouds, can you touch them, do they fade away or do the rain down upon you?  They rain down and then reproduce, there is always refreshing promises coming to you.  I am faithful to keep you from your enemies.  My righteousness is as of great mountains.  I am the only one who can satisfy. Please remember and do not doubt I am faithful and I have created you for love.  My mercy is everlasting and it is only I that give you rest. Declare my works and go forth rejoicing!

Prayer:  I will trust in you always Lord of your unfailing love and your great faithfulness.  Teach us to lean upon you for strength and to overcome.  It is you who we run to and find rest.  Thank You Jesus!  Amen.I will trust in God where His Spirit leads me

Genesis 28, Deut. 7, Psalms 36 & 89


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