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Time to Vacuum

my husband likes to vacuumMy husband has been known to vacuum and more than once.  When the boys were little, not only did he take out the trash but he also helped me with the household chores by vacuuming everyday.  He didn’t like walking through the kitchen and have pop tart crumbs or cereal stuck to the bottom of his feet.   Overall we have been through the vacuums.   My husband has a motto, “In any home, you should be able to eat off the floor”.  Although this little uncontrollable  urge to keep the floor clean must be a trait passed on because when Spencer was just able to walk, I would hear the vacuum come on in the other room.  He was just big enough to pull it out and turn it on, like a fascination of a roaring machine.  Although it doesn’t seem to bother my husband if the furniture is covered by dust, go figure.  I guess I shouldn’t be upset with a husband who likes to have the floor clean because I hear horror stories from other women who complain about their husband and their lack of helping or sloppiness.  Even when my husband is preaching and he sees a lint ball or object of white color reflecting on the carpet, he will keep on preaching along with reaching down and picking it up.  I wonder what brings this uncontrollable urge for a spotless floor.  If he had his way about it, I would be on my hands and knees with a toothbrush cleaning out the grout in our tile.  This sometimes drives me crazy!  Has I watched him vacuum this morning, I smiled and I am thankful.

I read in an article last year of a twelve-year-old boy who owns 165 vacuums.  Since age three he was obsessed with vacuum cleaners and instead of having recess in school he would volunteer to vacuum the class rooms.  One thing he likes so well is the way he makes money repairing them.  So, I guess there are people out there who love to vacuum!

Many times in our own lives we must get the vacuum out when it comes to cleaning up our inner man.  It takes discipline and a will wanting to throw out the garbage and things we let remain on the floor of our minds.  Many times little things as of crumbs we ignore thinking it is not going to hurt anyone, just little sins that no one notices.  However, when we let things go, and more comes along, the mess will pile up.  Those little things get stuck to others who walk in the room.  It is our family and those who we are close to that we affect the most.  It is the annoying little sins that get to be a part of those who watch us and take on the very nature of what we failed to rid.  So next time you vacuum, think about all the little crumbs that you need to get rid of.  It is as simple as asking forgiveness as you let God vacuum the mess up.  Then it is self-discipline and will not to let things pile up, just remove the trash and be thankful we and others don’t have to walk around in a mess.

Prayer:  Lord thank you for taking care of me and cleaning up my mess, my failures and the little things that slip by in which may affect others.  Help me to notice those small crumbs and immediately turn them over to you in repentance.  Thank you Lord for always vacuuming my mess!  Jesus name, Amen.

Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. New International Version


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