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The Roads Life Takes Us

life has many roadsLife has many roads.  We choose some and some will choose us, sometimes in a direction we are led blinded.  We sometimes choose a road that is clearly marked – Dead End, however even knowing the end results we are stubborn.  We also see a road in which we find curious, unknown and walk forward into a reality check.  This is too, what I found as I journeyed to India.  Life has many roads, although we may not see the end, it is a journey to develop our inner man to be more like Jesus.

When you are exposed to a culture in which is totally different from what you were accustomed to, it really makes you think.  Grateful is the term used to my experience of going to other countries of Africa and recently to India.  America has many blessings when it comes to comfort yet it can also make us very spoiled.  Going on a mission trip is not a vacation.  A vacation should be comfort and relaxing in which you can find rest from everyday life routine.  Missions however are totally the opposite and will definitely break anyone’s pious spiritual pride.  I found it to be exhausting in all areas of mental, spiritual and physical.  The emotional state explodes with overwhelming situations in where you just want to throw yourself down and weep after you have been exposed to a world of much poverty, suffering and heartache.  I found myself questioning God and my relationship with Him along with the effectiveness of my prayers.  However, He has a way in helping us to be strong when faced with such.  It is not everyday, you walk out and come face to face with an orphan child begging on the streets, sick with fever and shoeless.  We may however, walk out and see a homeless person but turn the other direction for the callused emotional state we have allowed to take over so we ourselves won’t be affected or infected.  It is as though we cannot change the world, so why try?  Our own lives become self preserved in our own little world and it is easy to not bother with things beyond our control.  We have the privilege to spend $40 on dinner when the same amount can feed a village in a nation who is not blessed as we.  Our daily thoughts are usually on ourselves, our family and our realm of thinking of how life should be, caught up in a web of our life without thinking about others.  Then it seems when some do branch out into helping others, either you get judged with words of “who do you think you are” or you yourself become the judge of why others can’t feel the burden in which you feel.  It is a never-ending tug of war with your emotions pertaining to the spiritual state of mind.  The only source of reasoning must come from the biblical aspect of faith and trusting in God to lead you.  I pray for much wisdom.  I pray to make a difference we ourselves cannot make unless it is with the hands of God.  It is reaching others and seeing the love of God in the eyes of people who you don’t know.  His love is reaching into, getting infected and affected by involvement instead of turning and walking the other way.  Jesus overflowed with compassion, he wept and he became involved with those who others had turned away, judged or ignored.  He took the road that no one else wanted to take.

Overall, I am blessed to experience what I have when it comes to seeing through the eyes of Jesus with compassion.  If we can all just get a glimpse of this, do our part, His Kingdom would move at a much greater pace.  I choose to walk down the road I am least familiar with faith and great expectation of seeing God’s hand move in ways I cannot.Loving on the Children of India

Prayer:  God, through all the roads you put before me, help me to choose the right ones that will enhance not only my walk, my faith level and my dependance on you but also to help me be more like you.  Help me to help others along the way giving us all divine knowledge and revelation, walking in your power and glory.  Let your spirit engulf our fears and our failures to overcome all barriers.  In Jesus name.  Amen!
Matthew 25:40  “But the King will answer them, “‘In solemn truth I tell you that in so far as you rendered such services to one of the humblest of these my brethren, you rendered them to myself.’Weymouth New Testament


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