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Ready to Explore

This will be my last post before I leave for India.  I won’t be able to write again until the first week of November.  Thank all of you are faithful in reading my blog.

I am ready to explore.  I am ready for an adventure of a lifetime.  I am ready to explore the heights and depths of God’s love, of His peace of His amazing Spirit.  I will walk by faith and give glory to the Almighty.  I will be thankful, I will praise, I will worship and I will be humbled.  I trust and have faith that He lives within me, going and doing as I do.  He goes before me and after me.  Let my hands, be His, let my eyes be His, let my words be His, let my steps be His and let my love portray His.  Birth within my soul the love of the Father to reach out into a world that I never knew existed because of being miles away, blinded by the chaotic world we live called life.  I go forward in leaping with faith and joy to a new level.  I will fear not!  I am ready to explore and when I return, I will share His wondrous works.

Melissamelissa phillips


5 thoughts on “Ready to Explore”

  1. You will be greatly missed. I am saddened that we wont worship together (physically) for awhile. I find myself in tears of the thought of you being so far away, but I know God has an awsome mission for you and we will all reap the reward of your experience. Your heart is pure and those girls need you the way we need you. Take us with you in your heart. Write down your experiences so you can share what so many may never know! Im going next year!!!!!!God bless you my sister, my mother, my friend!!! I love you. Ja-Mae

  2. Melissa I will miss you greatly and your insights daily. I know that you will be sharing what God has put into you with those that so desperately are in need of knowing Him. Even though I am sad that I will not see you physically, I know you are taking me with you spiritually. Enjoy all those children for me and for God. Mother them as only you and I can. God Bless and be with you every step of your journey. See you soon. Lou Ann

  3. Melissa what an awesome opportunity for such and awesome lady!!!!! You are beautiful in so many ways!! We will miss you very much, but we will be praising GOD for what you are doing for the KINGDOM!! God Bless you sister!! Love In Christ, Shelia

  4. We miss you Melissa! Praying for you and Lyle daily! Praying over your agenda and that angels will encamp about you and everyone with you! You both are a blessing! And will be a blessing to all the children in India!! I know you will be forever changed in your spirit!
    Love you so much!

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