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Expect the Best

Expect the BestI had a person tell me once, “Expect the best but prepare for the worst”.  We can go through life expecting great things but shouldn’t be caught off guard when a circumstance hits us that tries to get us sidetracked.  For instance, when a new relationship starts between a man and women, we can expect the best for the future.  However, we must also prepare for how we will handle when an argument arises.  If you are not prepared it could result in more heartache.  When bad weather is approaching, you don’t go out and plan a picnic but you go to the basement.  You are expecting everything to be alright yet you are prepared for what may happen.  The point is, you just never know what surprises await you, but you have to do your best to be ready for the unknown. Some things are out of your control, but others can be prepared for, if you think ahead.  The most important factor is keep a positive attitude and learn from every unexpected instance.  How does one prepare for the worst?

One way to prepare is to think out of the box.  Don’t limit God in what He allows to happen to you or to the good He can bring to bad things that may happen.  I recently sat with a couple who got side swiped with a slew of crisis.  This brought living by faith into a new prospective for their walk with God. Both of them were hospitalized, unable to work, debt crisis, along with others having to tend to them didn’t bring any promises of hope at least for the moment.  However as time as passed, they both are up and about with their bodies recovering.  Through all of this tragedy, they gained a financial miracle and healing.  Although they may have expected the best for their lives because they were Christians could they have prepared for what happened?  Maybe not, but one thing for sure, they kept their head up, stayed positive and trusted in God.  That was the best way to prepare for the worst.

Maybe you are going through something at this moment in which you may not understand why God has allowed this circumstance to happen to you or your family.  Can you think out of the box and look down the road?  Can you look for the good that will come out of it?  Can you keep your head up and have a positive attitude in expecting the best?  God can turn things around for the good.  Wait patiently for Him to work the miracle.  With time, you can look back and know God was with you through all of the pain, hurts or crisis.  We might not always be the best prepared but with God, He carries us through difficult times.  Everyone can be prepared by knowing Him and having faith in Him.

Prayer:  Lord, I am always expecting the best in everything I do, everywhere I go and in every relationship.  I know I am prepared to face all things that may come against me because I have you on my side.  I thank you for your Spirit leading me into truth and wisdom, guiding me in direction, comforting me when I am down, filling me with boldness to do your work.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Hebrew 13:5  God said,  “I will never abandon you or leave you.”

I Peter 1:13  Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.


2 thoughts on “Expect the Best”

  1. “Wait patiently for Him to work the miracle” I focused on that one..that hit my head cuz sometimes I am forcing God to make things happen right away… waiting is the best tool I should give him more time to make everything come up perfectly. I’m always in hurry & expect too much… I know it is not wrong to expect but to wait is what I need… I’m talkin bout my family’s situation. Our position here in US of A is just a massive trial for my whole family…

    I question God every single day why I am here & waiting soo long… maybe I complain too much.

    thank you for this post… I appreciate your blog all the time!


  2. thank you joy for being so honest. Keep seeking Him and He will answer in the time that is best for you. Love you girl and keep your head up!


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