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Everyone runs from somethingPeople run all the time but not always in the form of exercising.  We all run from things at one time or another in life.  When we run, excuses are formed.  When a person constantly has excuses it is usually because they are running from something.  For some it could be minor projects such as cleaning out a closet or your car, or it could be something major like organizing the garage or motivating a group.  For others it could be running from responsibility such as wanting to work, pay bills, put food on the table or take care of children. The blame game is always the cause.  For some it could be running from self in the way internally process life in general.  We sometimes don’t want to look in the mirror in fear of what we will see.  When we look around, we can see that everyone fits into one of these categories in different seasons of life.  Running can also be in the form of just being busy without taking time for the important things in life.  Important things such as spiritual life, loving others and health for your body.  It seems that the time is not just right to make the change, so running never stops.

Running without resting = deathLife is life.  Life is not always fair.  People grow old. People are successful and some people never change.  People have faults and fail.  Some willing to change and some keep running.  Life is not forever, it is just a vapor. People run and continue to make excuses until they get honest with themselves.  What we do in life is not about making money, having the best car or house, being a star or hero, who has the biggest church or who has the most friends.  It is about the real you.  Who you are and the relationship you have with the Almighty God.  It is about your very core, your heart.  It is about the very air you breath in, the spirit man you feed.  Your soul doesn’t want to run but to be in intimacy with its Creator.  What we know in God becomes our boundaries.  A person lives from the perspective of his or her own world.  When we look at the world and life in general, we see only problems and continue to run.  However if we look at the Spiritual we live by faith, expand our boundaries and elevate the anointing to live above this world.  It is then we stop running and find rest.

Prayer:  Lord help us all to find that place of rest and stop running.  Forgive our excuses, our attitudes, our heart for not being or knowing who we are as a child of God.  Elevate us all into the very place of relationship and fellowship in intimacy with you.  I want to run after you.  Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

II Thessalonians 3:16  Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.


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