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You Have Potential

nothing is impossible with GodDon’t you just love it when someone says, “You have potential.”  What does that really mean?  It means you have the ability to pursue and conquer anything you put your mind to.  It means you have gifts and talents dormant waiting to be manifested.  It means you have the ability which may be just under developed.  Or is it simply having the courage to live out one’s personal dreams, perhaps an impossible one that one shall never attain but still a dream dreamed with courage.  It is a dream that one attempts to bring to reality, no matter how likely to fail.  So living out your potential is in the striving, in the trying, or at least daring to.   It lies in following your heart, in daring to fight your own personal battle, in striving to bring your own personal dream to life.  If we are aware of the potential that is locked within each one of us crying out for exposure and ready to be fulfilled, how do we release it?

Many people go to their grave with potential.  Do you know what your potential in life is?  What keeps us from reaching our potential?  It could be lack of pursuing, knowledge or fear of failure.   It could be holding on to internal excuses.  It could be goals are small and don’t test our limits.  We must be willing to identify it, claim it, plan it, start it, support it, practice it and have gratitude for it.   In order to reach that potential, there is a transformation that we must go through. We cannot go through this transformation without Jesus Christ.  I recently read an article that contains steps to release your potential.

The first step is to know your source.  In business to be successful in that business, you must have knowledge of your product, how it works, what it is made of and how to effectively sell it.  Violation of not knowing the product produces failure to succeed in what you hoped for.  The same is the relationship you have with God.   God guarantees the maximum performance of our potential if we know who we are in Him.  He gives out promises to succeed if we remain in Him and follow His standards.  We must know that God created us in His image and we do have the potential to be like Him and have within us the potential of His power to speak as an authority of Him and the potential to heal using His name.

We must strive to be like Jesus Christ in order to reach our full potential.  We sell ourselves short when we don’t.  Some people start the walk but then turn and leave without pursuing.  People normally don’t want to be teachable or willing to change unless they are unhappy or hungry for more.

With God all things are possible!  You have potential to reach beyond of what you think.  It is in your grasp.  The very thing you have been praying for, or wishing right now, God has placed it in your heart to show you that He is capable of giving it to you if you believe.  To believe is simply to put in action.  Anyone can have head knowledge of a thought, dream or fact but putting it into action is a step of faith.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Start today and walk out in faith, pursue your talents and let your potential escape!You have the potential inside you!

Prayer:  Open up our blinded eyes of each one of our potentials that lie captive within us Lord.  Expose our potentials to be used for your glory.  Give us the courage to step out in faith and walk everyday with you ready to change and wanting more of your wisdom.  In Jesus name.  amen

Luke 1:37  For nothing is impossible with God.


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