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Make A List

make a list to do each dayMy back hurts and my calf muscles are sore, too much jumping at church and not enough exercise at home.  I should be out walking instead of typing, reading email and glued to my chair.  Second cup of coffee down, load of laundry done and camera ready for wedding shoot tonight.  Check list is a must for me whether it is mental or actually on paper.  I tend to forget if it is not on paper.  Are you a check list person?  I found it quite interesting to know the principles of motivation if I write out a list.  A list works for everyone.  It works for young and old alike.  It can motivate and make us feel better when we accomplish routines, housework, errands, groceries, homework, children’s activities, budgeting, exercise or spouse time.  I have found if I don’t make a list, things pile up or I don’t fit in the exercise time or I buy junk food at the grocery.  I have also found when I look at undone projects or daily tasks that have piled up, I am overwhelmed and keep putting it off.  This repetitious cycle seems to haunt me when it comes to closets, dishes, laundry or planning meals.  Now don’t laugh, I am a keeper of all things.  If you throw something away that could have at least a little bit of importance, don’t tell me.  My attic contains some of the most precious treasures in which I have no clue why I kept it.  Is this a curse or habit?  Jeff’s parents, oh my where do I start?  She has several buildings in which all are packed with “stuff”.  There is in no way she could even begin to tell you what is in there, or even use the things.  I have seen many older people do this, maybe because of the years of lack of or something they learned from their parents. You control your actions by thoughts

This is why I think a daily list is important.  Everyone has to have goals to change for the better.  Every successful person makes a to do list.  We all have to manage our time and if you are like me, I like to be on my own time.  I have a problem of being late because of time management and I like using the excuse, “I work better under pressure”.  However this is such a fallocy because in actuality a person cannot due their best unless you use time correctly.  If we set a goal to accomplish something everyday and cross the list off it will prevent us from being overwhelmed of daily chores or tasks in which we seem to put off, like closets.  If you see yourself feeling bummed out and just want to go back to bed or lay on the couch you may be feeling overwhelmed of all the things you must get done for the day or week.  If you spend most of the day doing errands, searching for something, cleaning etc before you know it, the days is over and you say to yourself, “Did I get anything done today?”.  Sometimes I have set the timer when I am on the computer so I won’t set there for hours researching or in photoshop working on my business.  If you make a list and cross off the daily accomplishments then when your husband comes home and says, “What did you do today?” then you can show him.  I always gave a sign and rolled my eyes up when Jeff would come home from work and asked this particular question. I thought I would lose my mind on some days being cooped up in a house with four children under the age of seven years old.  On top of that, I also babysat other children to bring in part time income.  I have to admit, my time management skills were obsolete back then.  I wish I had known about the list then.  Don’t we all?

I must go now because I really feel motivated to work on the list.  The first thing on my list…..tell my husband I love him…… now make a list after reading this and see your life change for the better.

Prayer:  Lord, help me be the best person you want me to be.  I want to be effective not only for my family, friends and job but most of all for your Kingdom.  In Jesus name.  Amen

Colossians 4:5  Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. NIV

Ecclesiastes 3:1  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..NIV

Ecclesiastes 8:6  For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter. NIV


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