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Random Thoughts – Just Me

Today is a new day, God only knows what it brings, yet we live it out.  We have choices.  I hope to use wisdom in mine today.

Outside my window is a slight cool breeze, leaves are starting a hint of changing for the fall look, birds are playing and the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue.

I am thinking about planning my day, writing this blog and working on business things.  I should try to exercise today.  I should call my parents and check on my dad.  Maybe he will cook me some delicious greens and cornbread today.  Yes, I am a country girl who loves country food.surrounded by the goodness of God

I am thankful for being full of His Spirit, my life, my family and my health.  The house is quiet, my dog enjoys laying out on the porch and I pray.  Jesus is with me.

I ate a healthy breakfast and drank coffee.  Yogurt, fruit and an english wheat muffin with strawberry cream cheese, I am full.  It is better than the children of Africa or India, they wake up to a hard bread roll.

I have already washed a load of laundry, folded some clothes, made breakfast for my son who goes to school and kissed my husband.  I smiled when I heard Spencer getting ready for school today upstairs, he was playing Ragsdale’s new CD.  It is wonderful to know your children love Jesus and want to start their day off right by listening to Christian music.  I hope he doesn’t listen to junk radio on the way to school.

I am wearing sweat pants, very old but comfortable, pink shirt and lightweight jacket in which I wear around the house because my husband keeps it cold in here.  My hair is pulled back in ponytail.

I am remembering how quickly time flies and time will be changing again soon.  I already wake up early, it will be harder to try to rest another hour, yet it would be good to get up and find the “me and God time” alone for an extra hour.  I have been tired lately.  Went to sleep at 9:15 last night, exhausted.  Still coughing some from the five weeks of pneumonia I had all last month.  I guess my body is getting old or think it is. lol

I am excited about the gems coming in today for my jewelry business in which I launched last week.  Also the plans for the Jammies for hot flashes I have created.  My husband is giving me the funds to purchase the fabric today!

I am going to India in just a few weeks, pray for me.  I can’t wait to take pictures and hold the children.  I smile and cry at the same time just thinking about their little faces.

I am still needing to buy buffalo for the children in the orphanage Mercy29 India, must think more creative ways and opportunities for people to give.  Pray more, give more, God will provide.

I will not grit my teeth or clinch my jaw today. I will not gravitate to the negative. I will not get on the scale today.

I am reading several books, usually at night and I fall asleep after reading only a couple of pages.  I read Scriptures in the morning while I am awake and before I get too busy.

I am hoping to talk to my second son today.  He is traveling in South Carolina as an internship with Dr. Phil.  He is learning much and gaining spiritual understand of many things.  I am sure his little belly is pooching out from the meat he is being fed everyday.  He needed meat, not milk.  God has wonderful plans for his ministry.

I am wondering if I can survive without acrylic nails for the next month.  I am giving my fingers a break and I don’t want to have them when we go to India.  My hands feel weird and my fingers don’t click the keys when I am typing.

I watched a movie clip that Dana sent me of a painter.  The song “In Christ Alone” was sang while this man painted a picture during a service.  I was trying to figure this work of art out and was amazed at the end.  He flipped the picture and it was Jesus with the crown of thorns on his head.  He had done the entire picture upside down.  If you haven’t seen this, you are missing out.

Scripture that keeps me ticking… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…Philipians .

I want to be….a Titus 2 and a Proverbs 31 woman.

From the kitchen table, Jeff and I discussing upcoming scheduling dates for Louisiana trip the weekend I return from India to teach marriage and family seminar and the following week having guest weekend speaker.  Then after that, must get Christmas decorations out for Christmas photography in which I am doing for only four days right around Thanksgiving, then I am off for the rest of the year, I say for now.  We will see.

Around the house….we bought a dining room set from a friend.  It is very beautiful but doesn’t have place to hide my pac-rat compulsions.  So I have to make room for all the things I took out of my other cabinet.  When I am the most busiest, my husband likes to rearrange things.  The dining room needs painting and the decor on the walls doesn’t match the new dining room set, everything must be changed.

One of my favorite things….fixing coffee for my husband in the morning, reading devotion together, seeing him smile.

A few plans for the rest of the week: make bracelets, get hair done, order fabric for MyCoolJammies, work on photography website, work on orders of pictures, wedding on friday night and more apts. on Saturday.  Church on Sunday.

Melissa Phillips Photography - Cash & Gage brothersPrayer:  Lord, I pray that I see through your eyes today.  Let me live with your purpose, passion and your divine appointments.  Let me not be so consumed by my time in doing what I want that I forget your goodness, grace, favor and mercy that you have given me.  I love you Jesus and I find comfort, peace and rest in your Spirit.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


1 thought on “Random Thoughts – Just Me”

  1. Thank you for your postings..Real life,where the shoe hits the pavement.So true..when we are gone ,none of what we worry about will matter

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