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Are you willing to changeScared to change?  Scared to start?  Scared of messing up?  Scared of succeeding?  Change, it is hard, it is scary, and it is a life changing experience in which some say they want to adventure out and do but rarely discipline themselves to do it. We has human beings don’t want to change even though we might be miserable of our current state, we are not willing to make it happen or we find it hard to make it happen.  I heard a man say more than once, “People view change as loss followed by grief.”  More than 90% of people believe this way.  Even when we must have the courage to change, we would rather stick our head in the sand instead of being risky.  We somehow believe we will lose something and then experience heartache over the process, which is far from the truth.  Just ask a person who has lost weight, yes it was hard, yes it was difficult to give up a box of doughnuts for breakfast, but what you gain is more than a healthy body.  You gain self-confidence, self-discipline, honor from others and greater self esteem.  The same as when a person comes to be a Christian.  Upon realizing one needs to be saved and give their life to Christ, it is hard to change because they are led to believe the, “you can’t, or you don’t do this” instead of seeing the rewards.

Dealing with leadership or with pasturing people, this is what we see on a regular basis.  People see all the things they want to change to make their life more comfortable.  They will tell you they are willing to change their priorities to make it happen.  They are willing to make time to change, give or go to great disciplines to change and even agree to change.   However, it is only words, short lived disciplines or of the like water on a ducks back.  Why?   It is lack of encouragement from others, no vision to see the end in mind or fear of failure.  Sometimes people are so terrified of changing, their view of their world sees no need to change even when others see the need.  People like to fool themselves by justifying his reasoning for side stepping to change.  People don’t like to face their inner man or view themselves as wimpy or even know their inner man is wimpy.God gives us strength to change

How do you know when people live in this state of mind?  They complain about life’s issues but don’t want to change to do anything about it.  During this time the person might feel safe, right but not happy.  They would rather complain about bills, file bankruptcy, or beg for money instead of getting a job and working.  They would rather see the dirty clothes and dishes piles up instead discipline their time to clean.  They would rather work in a low-income job than educate themselves to a higher paying opportunity.  It takes confidence and courage to recognize the need to change but even the more so to put forth the effort and actually do it.  If we all would see the benefits and the rewards of changing we all would have the disciplines to do it without putting it off.  Wouldn’t we all be much happier?

Prayer:  Lord help me to recognize the need to change and the disciplines to do it.  You are the One in whom I can depend on, you are my courage, my strength and my help.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.


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