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99 Ways

solid rocks of inspirationI recently came upon a blog in which listed 99 ways to save a life. I thought it was quite inspiring.  I looked down through each one to see if I could see myself in all of these.  I don’t know if I am emotional today or if it is just the glory of God overflowing from last night’s service.  I sit here staring out my window looking at the rain and a gloomy day listening to music about turning to God for His mercy and grace.  I find it hard not to let the tears flow down my cheeks and I smile.  I think it is a beautiful day regardless of the circumstances that may go on around me today.  God is still God through all of life.  I am thankful.  He loved us first so we could love Him back and loves others.

Here is the list….

1. Love
2. Listen
3. Breathe
4. Imagine
5. Let it go
6. Believe
7. Forgive
8. Hold still
9. Hold close
10. Amaze yourself
11. Remember
12. Make yourself secure
13. Make everyone secure
14. Take it back
15. Let it go
16. Dream
17. Fear
18. Talk to someone
19. Don’t lie
20. Don’t pretend
21. Trust yourself
22. Cry
23. Accept
24. Don’t hurt yourself
25. Don’t hurt anyone
26. Keep moving
27. Regret
28. Forget
29. Make peace
30. Make love
31. Banish wars
32. Banish hate
33. Be free
34. Feel free
35. Stand still
36. Don’t be scared of death
37. Have faith
38. Admire
39. Stand strong
40. Surrender
41. Dance
42. Smile
43. Laugh
44. Break
45. Touch
46. Have secrets
47. Share secrets
48. Know secrets
49. Relieve
50. Don’t lie to yourself
51. Release
52. Run
53. Learn
54. Leave
55. Trust others
56. Question
57. Be kind
58. Keep your memories
59. Don’t forget
60. Kiss
61. Hug
62. Scream out
63. Be true
64. Admit
65. Live
66. Release the fear
67. Secure 68. Give 69. Leave a legacy 70. Make a difference 71. Change the world 72 Share 73. Have passion 74. Fulfill your purpose 75. Pray 76.Repent 77.Be Baptized 78. Receive the Holy Spirit 79. Be like Jesus 80. Believe 81.Have Faith .82.Heal the sick 83.Feed the poor 84.Hold a child 85. Smile to everyone you meet 86. Open up 87.Sing 88.Be thankful 89.Encourage others 90.Walk with God 91.Worship 92.Sell out for the Kingdom 93.Be prepared 94.Win a soul 95.Know your identity 96.Be humble 97.Watch what you say 98. Pray for wisdom
99. Say goodbye

making a difference, living a life of purpose and passion reaching othersOf course you may add your own.  I started adding to this list and it was easier than I thought.  Can you add some of your own?  Please post them to share with other readers.

In the end, His love makes it worth it all when we surrender to Him everything.

Prayer:  I praise you Lord Jesus for this world you created, for the life you have given me, for each breath I breathe for you.  Help us all to realize who You are in our lives and love you in relationship with passion to reach others.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. (NIV)
Romans 11:36 For the universe owes its origin to Him, was created by Him, and has its aim and purpose in Him. To Him be the glory throughout the Ages! Amen. (WEY)

2 thoughts on “99 Ways”

  1. Put good news on doorsteps where there use to be tears! (Words from a song I like) It seems to just bring everything together! Dont you think?

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