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A Test – Which One Are You

Test signThis is not a fun quiz so if you are not into realism, then maybe you shouldn’t ask yourself these questions.  I am particular about which quiz, assessment or self- help test I do because it is when we are truthful that reality smacks you in the face.  When you take this test, be real with your answers, which usually is your first instinct.  Circle the ones best applies to your life right now.

  1. When I hear a person or preacher proclaim truth from the Bible in how I should live, I…..
    1. Somewhat believe, or think the whole church thing is brainwashed people but not enough to change my life.  I don’t always like the way I feel or the way I live and this is just the way I am.  Like it or leave it no one can make me change.
    2. I believe in Jesus and God but I think if you are a good person, God will take you to heaven for being good.
    3. I feel like I am going to heaven because I believe in Jesus, you don’t necessary have to go to church when you can sit home and watch preaching on TV.  God knows your heart.
    4. Get a feeling of positive emotions about what I hear, believe and yes I agree to change, yet after a while I get somewhat bored and return to my old habits and lifestyle.  There is just too much temptation and I fail every time.  It’s not worth the trouble to try to change because I can’t change and when I try to, I just fail every time.  It is not worth the effort when you already know the outcome.
    5. Enjoy the service and the people but don’t really have time to be committed because my life is busy with work, family, friends and activities.  I really don’t have time for church dedication or feel obligated to more time consuming responsibilities.  I love the people and going to church but can’t be dedicated because I have too much going on in my life right now. I am a good person.
    6. God doesn’t care what I believe or if I believe.  I am not sure if there is even a God cause this world is so messed up and my life is sometimes too.  I am not for sure if Jesus can help me.
    7. I will make a decision to change right away, be committed in perusing to learn more and reach out to others to help them also. I strive to learn more and be around people who will help me and not hinder me.  I am supportive and eager to learn, ready to give in all ways.  I accept responsibilities and live to be faithful.
    8. I am too bad of a person to live right or go to church.  I have done too many bad things in my life for God to approve. I am really not for sure if Jesus is right for me.
    9. The church would fall in or lightening would strike me.  I first have to get better and change before I am committed.

Jesus tells us a story about a farmer who through seed out on the ground. He compares it to our lives in how we react when we hear the Bible and the way we should live. Luke 8:11-15

which direction is your life going inIf you chose 1,6,8,or 9 =  Some people are like seeds that were planted along the road. They hear the word, but then the devil comes. He takes the word away from their heart before putting into practice what they have learned and heard, so that they don’t believe and know what it means to be saved and live a life of peace and abundant living.  Because of lack of application of revelation (knowledge or Bible truths) it is never applied to their lives or experienced.  The lack of experience is justified by time separating revelation and application.  They continue to live a life of chaos or heartache instead of choosing the blessings and promises of God even though they believe it could be for them it is never lived out.  They are reluctant to come to church for fear of the unknown, fear of changing or justifying their lifestyle because the see other so called Christians being hypocritical. Even though they are unhappy with their life, they may not know how to receive or live out the ultimate love of Jesus through salvation because the words are not applied to living out what they heard.  If you or someone you know has chosen a, f,h, or i, you are no alone.  Many people have experienced in believing (hear the word and gain knowledge of what to do) but yet never experienced a true relationship with Jesus because of lack of discipleship or encouragement from other Christians. People can have knowledge but never apply that knowledge to their lives, thus hindering a life of blessings and relationship of trusting God for your life.   Although we may use many excuses why we don’t serve or live a Christian life, we all will be judged and face death in the end.  Jesus came so that we not only could be saved from eternal death but that we could know Him in the power of His resurrection.  You must believe He died for all of your sins, all of your failures and loves us for who we are at this very moment.  We don’t have to get good to get God. He wants to bless you and be with you through all of your life.  He takes away bondages, fears, doubts and worries, poverty and sickness.  You can change!  Read the Bible, listen to His voice, talk to Him, repent (change your way of thinking and the way you live) be baptized and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.  He continues to call all and wants to bless you.

If you live for God hard, it is EASY but live for God easy, it is HARD!If you chose 4 = Some people are like seeds on rocky soil. They welcome the word with joy whenever they hear it, but they don’t develop any roots. They believe for a while, but when their faith is tested or temptation comes to slip back into old habits, they abandon it.  Many people struggle with this also.  People want to be a Christian and live out a life of peace however because of lack of self-discipline and changing the environment in which they live, they fall short of their expectations.  This is when old habits still hang around, things don’t seem to change and life is even more of a battle than before.  This can only be solved in keeping faithful and consistent in prayer, study and meeting with believers for encouragement and support along with direction.  It is important to serve God 100% and not just be a lukewarm Christian.  If you change only some things and don’t endeavor to clean out everything that is not of God, it will be even harder to move forward.  If you change your will in the areas of conviction you then will have a better outcome.

I do what I want and when I wantIf you chose 2,3,5 =  The seeds that were planted among thorn bushes are people who hear the word, but as life goes on the worries, riches, and pleasures of life choke them. So they don’t produce fruit or mature living in God.  God has a plan and purpose for every believer.  It is easy to believe and feel as though it is not necessary to be committed with purpose to the cause for the Kingdom.  selfishness and pride of lifeBecause of busy lifestyles other things seem to just get in the way or all to time consuming.  We all should realize this life is only temporary and money, pleasures, sports, vacations, work, sex, drugs, people, business, school, or objects can create the falsehood of living free or living a successful good life. Many people have talents, gifts and purpose in the Kingdom but choose not to enhance their church by giving money, dedication, or faithful attending because it is easier and less time which promotes self instead of God.   Others allow worries and cares of life keep them so bound down to self they cannot see the promises of what God has for them if they serve in the Kingdom.  It is not hard to commit to a local body of believers and fit it in a time schedule when you truly realize it is about others and not about self.  God takes care of His children through all circumstances and rewards those even the more so who are faithful.

live above all of life's fears, live for JesusIf you chose 7 =  Some people do have a good heart and who are honest and true.  These people are those who once hear the word, they apply it to their lives and change right away.  They keep faithfulness and also show fruit of living a Christian lifestyle.  They reach out to others, teach others, encourage others and allow God’s love, mercy and compassion instead of being judgmental.  They enhance the Kingdom of God by giving and serving in the ministries.  They move forward with purpose and use their gifts and talents where needed.  People will look at them and notice a light shining within and know they are the example of Jesus.  The Spirit of God will manifest in ways to draw others into the Kingdom by living out the Word of God not only with revelation or knowledge but by experiencing the power and living it with experience.  This is the best life to lead, so if you chose g, even though things in this life will come against your life, you still have the faith and the relationship in Jesus to overcome and produce fruit of mature living.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I pray that I will always have your heart and attitude of Your Spirit and produce righteous and holy living and forgive me for being selfish or faults.  Let not time consume me with cares or things that may hinder me.  I will change my life through immediate obedience of your word.  I will strive to enhance your Kingdom by living a lifestyle of love and mercy.  Help those who struggle in all those these issues and I pray they find You and know your love.  In Jesus Name.


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