India, Mercy 29

Letters From India

Children in India need us to give and to pray

It is thirty days till lift off.  The only thing I dread is the fifteen hours on the plane to India and the trip home.  I have been trying to prepare myself  mentally, spiritually and physically for this trip.  Although I have a passport I have to request a visa to visit.  It is nice having a son who helps take care of things like this.  He mailed off our visa permissions yesterday.  I was so excited to go to the mail box yesterday and receive $15 for the buffalo campaign.  There are friends in Shreveport who are designing a T-shirt for the Buffalo campaign.  I am so thankful to have people who have given these last few week and who have a heart to want to help reach other nations.   Please pray for the Mercy29 home in India and for the people of India.  I personally want to thank all of you who have given funds for Mercy29, you are changing the history of India and in the life of a child.

I have received letters from Praveen over the past few weeks that I wish to share.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How are you mam? How the fund raising event going on? We all the pastors are praying for you and the team and for your safe journey.

There is a lot of need of sewing machines. If there are any sponsors we can buy many sewing machines as there are many women who are interested in learning tailoring school. There are many girls who are being ready for sale.

Yesterday itself I had stopped 3 girls from selling to the prostitute buyers. I had asked them to give one month time so that after bro Lyle coming through mercy 29 we will buy them and bring them to our home.
One standard Sewing Machine in our place is 7500 rupees to 8000 Rupees that is 190 US $ to 200 US $…This machine will be life time warranty.
Girls rescued and learning trade at Tailoring School
If we need for less of cost also we can get for 2000 rupees to 4000 rupees that is 50 US $ to 100 US $.but this machine comes with without warranty and it may get damaged in 3 to 4 months. Particularly for stitching bags and purses we need electrical sewing machine which costs around 16,000 rupees to 20,000 rupees that is 500 US $.We can get all the raw material for less cost here itself. The girls make clothes, bags, purses, Bible covers,pillow covers,petti coats,blouses,frocks,school uniforms etc..There are many women, who want to learn the tailoring school, but we need many machines and we have to buy the girls and have to save them from the prostitution buyers. After your coming you can see and surely i can say that you will be crying a lot by seeing these women and the girls.

The exchange rate of an American Dollar is 45. Rupees but here in the airport or outside the airport they will pay you around 40 rupees. There is nothing to pay at the airport or nothing to pay to the people in the airport. If any servant like who carries your bags and others etc…You can pay him around 100 rupees which are 2 dollars. There is nothing to pay to any one before meeting me. After your landing I will be there in the airport and I & pastors will receive you over there mam.

As you are fighting and raising the funds for the poor and the fund should be helpful for the poor and needy that is my policy. Bro Lyle knows about that and for that only he was much satisfied with me and my works.

One more is as we know about the widows who are called untouchable women and unwanted people in the society. It is s great curse for them. You don’t believe that there are villages called widows village where there are 800 widows in it. All of them are outside of the town. I had seen them and cried for them as many of the young girls are also widows over here. These young women and girls who don’t have any self employment they are going for prostitute business as they don’t have enough food for feeding their Kids.

These kids are playing on the roads and some of the kids have been sold to rich people and some women had sold their sons to hospitals where the people uses him and after getting into certain age they will remove the kidneys and eyes and these hospital people make use of it. I will show you those places and hospital too where you can ask those people and you can see how it will be… I had went over there and prayed for them and said to stop doing that sin.
Then they can also leave the prostitute business.
If there is any possibility for you we can buy some buffaloes for them where they can get the milk and sell them and they can feed their family with that money.  As we had plenty of fields where the buffalo eats the grass and some times we can give her some nutrition food for less of cost comparing to other places in India.  Each Buffalo costs around 18000 to 20000 that is 450 US $ to 500 US $.  Each buffalo will feed ten children twice a day.  Please keep praying about these widows and remember them in your personal prayers. My vision is to stop them in doing the sin of prostitution and to help them and I feel great responsibility if I had given a chance to help these widows through Mercy 29.
About the train journey which is called the safest journey in India. There will be a safety journey with no problem. I am planning to book air-conditioned seats for all of you where you can feel very comfort. There will be no problem at all. And I also thought you can just sleep in the night in the train itself as they are sleeper seats where you can take rest. To go to Kakinada it takes around 11 hours through train.

Finally I would like to say that, To fulfill the needs of the people in India, mainly for the girls and for the widows and for the children, and for the pastors we need your prayers as prayers are the biggest gift for fulfilling the needs of the people through Mercy 29.There is no compulsion in giving the gifts to anyone. According to your wish and by the Mercy of God towards the people you can.

Keep faith on me and I will provide you good accommodation and food and I had arranged good medical doctor who will be taking care of your health of all your days you stay in India’s promise you that I will not let the guests to be disappointed or to feel lonely among their stay in India.

Hope to hear from you mam.

In his Service,
Rev.S.Praveen Chakravarthy
Mercy 29 India

Mercy 29 Children who need your help


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