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One, Two, Three Red Light

imagesDo you remember playing the game, “One, two, three red light”?  It’s where you take off running toward a goal to reach or person and when they shout out red light you have to freeze in position.  Children continue to love this game which has a very unique thought.  As adults we are always on the go trying to reach a particular goal each day and we forget to freeze or stop and be thankful for the process.  We all know life is not a game, and yes we should all have short and long term goals but however we shouldn’t ignore life passing us by.  It is in the little things we miss if we don’t take time to “freeze” and reflect upon the goodness and mercy in which God has given us each day.

children playing red lightSometimes things happen to make us freeze in this game called life.  It is when tragedy strikes, sickness occurs, family situations of disturbance of normal routine happen that forces us to adhere to the red light.  It is then when we can get consumed by the situation and redirect our focus.  It is then when we take the time to pray or rest in faith in His loving arms.  

Drifting from God and forgetting where He has brought you from comes from lack of thankfulness and taking time out each day for Him.  I have seen many people get pulled away from their spiritual goal in life because they got sidetracked or wandered from God.  It is because they chose not to hear the ‘red light’.  I continue to see people struggle with their walk because they only want to play half way.  They want to play, yet they focus not on the goal but others around them.  When your focus is not on God himself and reaching Him, you will get lost and caught up in other people’s problems.  I have watched a woman who wants to come to church and give more to God yet she is focused on trying to get her husband’s relationship with God to improve.  She will not come without him.  In turn, she suffers, he resists and they both continue to struggle.  Living for God hard is easy but living for God easy is hard.  If she would redirect her focus on God and live for Him in all that she has, she would set the example of being a mighty woman of God and her husband would get on board.  If we would all understand that living for God halfway is more of a struggle than selling out all the way.  

Take time today and adhere to the red light.  Listen for His voice.  Take an oppourtunity to reflect on the good things in life God has given you.  Keep your focus on Him, He is the goal.   Remember you can’t help others along the way until you yourself is focused on the goal.  It is then when we all win and become victorious in this game called life.

Prayer:  Lord help me to hear your voice daily and listen to your call.  Let me not ever forget to be thankful and help me not to lose my focus on you.  You are my goal at the end of each day and I will continue to run toward you.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

I Thessalonians 5:16-18  Be joyful always;pray continually;give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 12:2 We must focus on Jesus, the source and goal of our faith. He saw the joy ahead of him, so he endured death on the cross and ignored the disgrace it brought him. Then he received the highest position in heaven, the one next to the throne of God.


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