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I am to be writing a daily blog, however I have found myself some mornings with ignoring my computer.  I was off to the doctor and was scolded why I had waiting so long to come and get treated for this wheezing and coughing I have had now for a week.  Have any of you taken steroids and antibiotic along with an inhaler?  I was up at four this morning with all kinds of thoughts running through my head for my blog. I felt as though I could clean, exercise and write my blog all within the hour, nevertheless, I forced myself to lie back down at five. 

imagesEveryday you can influence people around you.  It is ultimately you who can change your life but you can also change the people around you with your influence.  You can expand your sphere.  You can help change an individual, a family, a town, a culture, a state, a country, a nation and the world!  It starts with you and the influence you carry.  It starts with people liking you for who you are.  If you find people don’t like you or if you find you don’t have too many friends or nice ones at that, then you must somehow come to the realization of changing must take place.  The law of attraction comes into play in most people’s life.  You attract the people who are most like you.  Now this will really make you think twice about changing.  The old saying goes, the most things you dislike about your closest friends are usually a trait you yourself have but are unaware you having it.

People prefer to say yes to individuals they know and like. This simple rule helps to understand how liking can create influence and how it can increase overall attractiveness and effectiveness. There are several factors in this procedure.

Physical attractiveness is one feature of a person that often may help to create some influence. Although it has long been suspected that physical beauty provides an advantage in social interaction, research indicates that this advantage may be greater than once supposed. Physical attractiveness seems to engender a “halo” effect that extends to favorable impressions of other traits such as talent, kindness, and intelligence. As a result, attractive people are more persuasive both in terms of getting what they request and in changing others’ attitudes.  Your attractiveness is not just limited to your face but also your body in overall health.  Your appearance places a big part of being approachable, liked and followed.

Similarity is a second factor that influences both liking and agreement.  We like people who are like us and are more willing to say yes to their requests, often without much critical consideration.

Praise is another factor in means to gain compliance in changing your sphere.  When is the last time you thanked someone for being kind or praised him or her for a job well done?

Increased familiarity through repeated contact with a person or thing is yet another. But this holds true principally when that contact takes place under positive rather than negative circumstances. One positive circumstance that may works well is mutual and successful cooperation.

A final factor linked to changing your sphere is by associating with products or positive things those who seek influence frequently share in a radiance effect by association. Other individuals as well appear to recognize the positive effect of simply associating themselves with favorable events and distancing themselves from unfavorable ones.

We can influence, enlarge our sphere and impact our impression.  Areas to change your world with your influence:

Not religious but Relationship with Jesus/ Holy Spirit infilling – willing to break traditions and come out of the normal box to impact others.  Showing the love of Christ without judgements or negative attitudes.

Family values: husband and wife/children – knowing roles, respect, and be responsible.  Consistent with value.

Education – Be willing to learn, having a teachable spirit and applying knowledge and truth to life situations.

Media – Impact your world through communication on positive levels, using media as a resource to go places in which you may be limited.

Government – If you can have direct influence in this area, you can change your sphere for the better of all the people.

Entertainment – This area of influence changes people’s hearts and minds which can be play a direct impact on the way people view reality, thought process and decisions. 

Giving – People need to be more giving in areas of meeting the needs of others.  Once we practice generous living, we find more joy in giving than we do receiving.

 Are you ready to change your sphere?  Looking at the big picture can sometimes be overwhelming but if you start by changing yourself, it in turn changes others.   

Prayer:  Heavenly Father I pray that I would have wisdom to change myself to be more effective in changing my sphere.  The world needs to know you and I hope to make a difference in helping others know you in a greater measure.  I want people to know there is much more to life than what they may be living at the moment.  Help us all to be more like you in all areas in which we find ourselves weak.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Weymouth New Testament
James 5:16  Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be cured. The heartfelt supplication of a righteous man exerts a mighty influence.

Good Advice:  Circle of Concern – Circle of Influence

Of all the good suggestions in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Habit 1: Be Proactive” is particularly useful when you feel powerless against life’s forces. Covey recommends you examine what you can do instead of focusing on worries over which you have no real control. First notice all your concerns.

Among those concerns, determine where you can take action:influences

Think of ways to be more proactive and address the things you can do something about. Your circle of influence will enlarge and your circle of concern shrink.


Covey distinguishes between the have’s (“If only I had…”) and the be’s (“I can be…”). Focusing on what you don’t like is disempowering. Focusing on what you can do is proactive and empowering. “Be part of the solution,” Covey suggests, “not part of the problem.”proactive


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