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Tell It Like It Is

Cardboard testimonyPsalms 106  “Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.  Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the LORD or fully declare his praise?  Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right. Remember me, O LORD, in your favor toward your people; visit me with your salvation, that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones, that I may share in the joy of your nation and join your inheritance in giving praise.”

Setting an example in thanksgiving, God’s goodness and mercy should always come first when we speak in prayer or praise. Our testimony with righteous and justice should follow.  God allows us divine favor and salvation for our soul.  Shouldn’t He be praised on a continual basis?

Yesterday in our worship service we had a cardboard testimony to the song “Oh How He Loves Us.”  It was so moving and heart touching.  The air was filled with the glory of God as over twenty-five people stood with their testimony printed out for all to see.  One side of the cardboard told of their life in addictions, turmoil and hopelessness but the other side revealed the new life that Jesus had given them.  They all had tears in their eyes as they proclaimed victory through Jesus.  We all are an overcomer by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony.

witness to someone todayCan you tell your testimony today to someone?  There are those out in the world who need you to tell them.  Many times we walk by people who have had to go through things in which we have conquered and they need to know they can make it through also.  Your testimony can be a blessing.  Your worst nightmare can help others who are enduring the same torture in which you now have victory over.

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for my testimony.  Let me never forget to praise you for your mercy in where you have brought me from.  For I was a slave to my sinful nature in which when you came into my life and I gave you 100% you changed me with freedom.  I thank you that you have given me favor, your salvation and joy that I may share in giving you praise.  In Jesus name.  Amen.


testimony of life before becoming a Christiantestimony after become a believer in Jesus Christhttp://www.tangle.com/view_video?viewkey=8616c1559ab4221b3910


7 thoughts on “Tell It Like It Is”

  1. Hey Sista…the service was awesome today and the cardboard testimonies really touched my heart…….There is nothing like Freedom!

  2. Thanks you so much. the cardboard testmonies really touched me. It made me realize some changes that i have to take in my own life. I have made some major changes snce yesterday. thanks again. I can do this.

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