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Focus on Strengths

My strengths come from GodOver the past few years I have researched several different things while going through my studies for Biblical Counselor.  I have taken the Love Language Test to determine my love language.  I have taken the Spiritual Gift test to see what my strong gifts were.  I have taken the personality test and the Myers Brigg test to determine my strengths and weakness in leadership and how to deal with people.  My results are Administration/Rulership, Creative Communication, Natural Born Leader, Sanguine personality and Teacher.  My love language is words of affirmation.  

On the weak side, I like to have fun, which means I don’t always keep organized and focused, I can be bossy sometimes and tell people what to do, but not meaning to hurt people’s feelings.  I love teaching and I tend to be very detailed however I can be over zealous and my expectations of others can be overbearing.  My other weakness in which I am not proud of is giving mercy.  This was the area I wanted to improve in my dealings with people.  Being a pastor’s wife, without mercy is not a good thing.  I do have compassion and I do have mercy but it is something to improve on.  For two years I volunteered at a pregnancy crisis center as a counselor just to focus on this weakness.  My mercy improved.   I can give practical steps and homework to help others but when they continued to wallow without improving I don’t want to spend much more of time on people who don’t want to help themselves.  

God gives us talents, personalities, gifts and emotions.  We are all unique in His eyes.  I found it interesting and rewarding to know all of this about myself and I highly recommend these assessments.  Most of these can be taken online.  Because of my position, I worked on my mercy and other weakness but I also worked on my strengths.  

People who get results have a different view of weaknesses. They determine whether or not the weakness is an obstacle for getting them where they want to be.   Too many people spend too much of their time doing things they don’t like to do or simply aren’t good at doing.  To be successful in whatever you do, you must know both.

So the formula for managing your strengths and weaknesses is as follows:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Determine the strengths and weaknesses that can affect your path to success.

Leverage your strengths and eliminate the weaknesses that hold you back.

Taking the time to think about the impact that your strengths and weaknesses have on your goals will save you time, stress and frustration. Remember to focus on what can help you reach your goals and avoid the temptation to try and fix everything that’s not perfect.

Matthew Henrys Commentary – Proverbs 28:18-23. Uprightness will give men holy security in the worst times; but the false and dishonest are never safe. 19. Those who are diligent, take the way to live comfortably. 20. The true way to be happy, is to be holy and honest; not to raise an estate suddenly, without regard to right or wrong. 21. Judgment is perverted, when any thing but pure right is considered. 22. He that hastens to be rich, never seriously thinks how quickly God may take his wealth from him, and leave him in poverty. 23. Upon reflection, most will have a better opinion of a faithful reprover than of a soothing flatterer.

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for showing me areas in which I need to improve and I thank you for my strengths to be an example of you.  I acknowledge the path you have for me and let me always treasure your gifts within me to reach out to others. Let me realize daily you are my joy and you are my strength.  In Jesus name.  Amen

Nehemiah 8:10: “Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”joy in strengths

Why is joy important? Because the “joy of the Lord is your strength!” Joy produces strength. And strength is needed to fight.   Some people are struggling to fight because they have lost their joy.  When you focus on the negative you can limit your potential in all that you do however if you focus on the Lord, your strengths will improve making you full of joy and successful in everything you do.


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