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Everyone Does It

worship dailyEveryone eats, sleeps, breathes and lives.  Everyone in the world also worships something.  Many times we look at worship in a frame of mind of going to church but worship is much more than church attendance.  Worship involves adoration, love, respect and devotion. From the most religious to the secular, all people value something high enough to build their lives around it. What have you built your life around lately?   That is the key factor here of worship. Idol worship is surrounding your life with things other than a relationship with God. Whether we realize it or not, the possibility of worshipping things other than God can creep in many of our lifestyles and the possibility of worshipping ourselves even the more so.   Although there are many, many definitions of worship, in its simplest form, worship is telling someone or something their worth-ship. Although people may say they worship only God, their lifestyle proves otherwise in giving their time and money in sports, leisure or work.  What manufactures worship is the driving power of some cherished value in which shapes our emotions and will, thought and behavior.  Those few factors determine who or what is worshiped.   If a person chooses to deny or refuse to do the things in which God has revealed in His word to do to form a close relationship with him binds him or her into a worship experience other than God.

What has fashioned your emotions lately?  What has determined your will lately?  What key factor has produced your thoughts?  What has influenced your behavior in the last few days?  What have you devoted your time to these last few days?  Have you spent more time watching television, shopping, eating etc than you have acknowledging or talking to God?  Do you do things because you “want” to or because you  “have” to?  Do you refuse to do what is right because your will overrides what could be best?  Take a look at your surroundings, your lifestyle in behavior and thoughts.  If you are constantly surrounded by unhealthy or ungodly influences and not of righteous living, then you have been caught up in worshipping things other than God.  There are some whose world is chaotic and without because they are worshipping something other than God.  If your focus is on yourself and trying to please yourself with “I deserve something better” or feeling as you are a victim, then this is a form of worshipping yourself in pride.  We must all get our eyes off of the circumstances which may surround us, give to God our life in time and in will.  Our focus must be to please Him and to be an example of Him.  When we are not doing things to put our trust in Jesus, have faith and be an example of him, then my friend our worship is not truly given to him. 

God doesn’t demand worship in itself, but He desires our worship whose hearts, our valued time in things to be surrendered to Him. The reason that he desires this is so that He can have an intimate relationship with us. Jesus wants us to bring our experience of worship into agreement with what is true about God.   He wants our spirit to be genuinely awakened and moved by truth. He wants our soul not only to be influenced by the Holy Spirit but also worship Him in spirit and truth. Spiritual devotions are shown in fervent prayers, supplications, and thanksgivings as forms of worship of a clean heart, in which God delights and is glorified.  All he wants is intimate relationship with you, in which comes from true worship.  

Prayer:  Lord, I pray that I continue to seek after your righteousness and holiness as I worship you.  I don’t want to ever replace this worship with things or circumstances in which I know can never fill the void.  Let your Spirit consume me to the place where I will always be devoted to you.  In Jesus name Amen

John 4:23  Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. NIV

JakeWith the time that God gave me in Uganda, I learned so much. There was a new lesson everyday. One of the main points that I felt God laid on my heart while there was “the heart of true worship”. I learned that worship is a lifestyle. I learned that worship is everyday… all the time! In constant prayer and thanksgiving to our lord and savior. One of the biggest lessons I learned about worship was how humble we should be before our Creator! Humility is essential to worship God in truth and in spirit.


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