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It Continues

love in a relationship continuesWhen we first start a relationship and want to continue with that relationship, we must have a continual interaction with that person.  When a couple gets married, it is not just a one time decision to say, “I do” but a continual relationship or a promise to abide.  

When sometimes we look at our circumstances around us, we stop believing that Jesus loves us.  In fear of persecution, disease or abandonment we sometimes conclude that the love of Christ does not continue.  However his love continues whether we realize it or not.  His love he has for us is an ongoing and abiding reality regardless of how we think, feel or do not know.

relationship continues everydayJust as he continues to love us, Jesus calls us for a lifetime, moment by moment.  It is not a single decision just once in a lifetime, it continues daily.  He doesn’t demand a single decision to repent, come, believe, love or listen.  The transformation of all of these continue.  Coming to Jesus again and again continues.  Believing in him hour by hour continues.  Listening to his word as the daily source of spiritual life continues.  Jesus wants the engagement of our minds and hearts every day of our lives.  A transaction with Jesus in the past that has no ongoing expression in our lives is a past relationship not an abiding one.

Abide means to stay or continue or even dwell.  Jesus wants us to stay with him, continue with him as a lifelong extension of encountering love. It is always moving, flowing and interaction between our Savior and us.  It is motion to abide with each other.  It is a decision to continue, to abide and to dwell with one another.

John 8:31  If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples.  KJV

So does that mean if we don’t “continue” in his word, then we are truly not his disciples?  When we are connected on a daily basis, or continue with the relationship, we have life to the fullest.  We must understand that bearing fruit, good works or keeping his commandments is not the same as abiding in Jesus.  If we continue in him, the all of these are just a by-product or a result of abiding.  Finding time for him means talking with him on a continual basis.  Acknowledging him in your decisions and actions.  When you find time to have that type of intimacy with him, then the peace and joy are again results of abiding.

How do we abide or continue in Jesus?  We abide in his love and in his word.  Both of these point toward the continue of trusting and having faith in his word and love.

John 15:7  If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. KJV

I love the promises in which Jesus gives us.  Sometimes our prayers may go unanswered because of timing, his will or not abiding in him.  We may be selfish and ask, ask, ask but never spend time with him in relationship.  

time continues and so does God's love for usThe next time you look at a clock, think about this.  Time continues, God’s love continues, Jesus longs for a relationship that continues.  Abide in Him and live life to the fullest, grasp his promises and ask what you will.  Another treasure awaits by abiding.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, Sometimes I get so busy to stop and take time to reflect on you, your words and goodness.  Forgive me for not trusting in you or your ways.  I long for an increase of relationship to abide in your love.  I will continue to search and seek you with all of my heart, mind and soul.  Jesus name I pray.  Amen


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