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The Art of VBS

VBS at PromiseLand - the angry kingDid you attend Vacation Bible School when you were a child?  VBS is happening all around our county these past few weeks and it is a joy to know it is still offered in some churches.  VBS is much work but also much needed for our children.  It breaks away from traditional routine and provides some summer time fun for the children in learning about Jesus. They can be exciting, easy, and a powerful way to reach out and share the Gospel message with children in your community with a means of encouraging activity and sharing lessons even if you are not a member of the church. It is a great treat for kids who come, or that it opens the door for un-churched kids to get the Bible foundation to help them be that follower of Christ in their adult life.

LouAnn Bearley with VBS children of PromiseLand game timeFrom the time I was two years old until I was fifteen I attended Vacation Bible School every summer.  Sometimes I would attend two during the same year.  What I remember most is the marching in, holding the Bible or one of the flags.  It was such a treat to get chosen to do the honor and be a leader.  From the crafts, music and songs, home made iced sugar cookies and lemonade and tag at recess, or the contest between boy/girls offering, I treasured the memories of VBS.  One particular memory was the little elderly ladies always willing to help with the glued on macaroni picture frame, or the plaster molds we painted.  They treated us like we were their favorite little person.

Whether we realize it or not, VBS can make a difference in the life of a child.  It made a difference in mine and I couldn’t wait until my children would participate in their own VBS. Clothes pin magnets, yarn or button items, planting a seed in a cup or nail art was usually on the top of the list for crafts.  Not like today with the craft in a box already cut out and ready to assemble.  Although the crafts may be different, the spirit of God is alive and well planting seed of righteous living in every little heart.

a VBS class at PromiseLandSummer is coming to an end and many camps have passed.  If you want your child to grow up to be a major league athlete then you probably should spend lots of time and of course money in finding the perfect camp to advance his career. However if your goal is to raise a child who has a sound moral and spiritual footing and is ready to face the world, you may want to think again about the value of sending a child to VBS. Vacation Bible School is definitely God centered, there’s no getting around it. But there are many routes to God and VBS programs are created to help children discover and express their relationship with God through many different venues. Kids at Vacation Bible School don’t just spend their time reading endlessly from dry pages of the Old Testament but get to participate in acting out the part. The result is that kids who attend Vacation Bible School come home feeling good about themselves and their activities that they will treasure for a lifetime.  I know I certainly did and it made such a huge impact in my life as a child.  So, when VBS roles around in your neighborhood, keep in mind that not only is a life changing experience it is also free!

Feel free to share a memory in my comment box of your VBS experience and how it enhanced your life.PromiseLand VBS Children

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for having a mother who thought it to be wise to teach me the things of God at an early age to give me hope for my future.  I realize now of the work that I do for you now is because there were years sown into my life of your word and faith.  May all the Bible Schools do the same in each child.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. NIV


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