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Burn Baby Burn

fireWhen is the last time you set something on fire and stood there mesmerized, watching the flames lick up every bit of substance?  The combustion of burning is amazing in it, as is the item slowly or suddenly disappears leaving behind only ashes or unrecognizable figures of art.  Do you remember your parents telling you not to play in the fire or you will wet your bed?  Do you remember setting ants or paper on fire with a magnifying glass?  We can all reflect on camping fires, hayride fires, bonfires with sports, and all the other times we are drawn around the fire.  It is so captivating to watch a fire, from the heat, to the smell, to the noise of the crackling, or the tiny little sparkles that float into the air.  A fire draws people.  We come and we watch.  Whether it is human nature of curiosity, to warm our bodies or to roast hot dogs and marshmallows on the open fire, the fact is when something is burning, people are attracted.

consuming fireLast night in church my husband was preaching about being on fire and having a passion to live for God.  Passion is described as having intense emotion, enthusiasm, and excitement and with zeal that brings delight to others.  When you are on fire with the Spirit of God burning you up on the inside, you will ignite others around you.  Fire spreads and ignites anyone hungry and accessible to the flame. All the great men and women in the Word were zealous in their service toward the kingdom of God. Zeal and passion is a huge key to successful Christian living. Passion is a key to successful preaching. Passion is a key to evangelistic success. Passion is a key to success in prayer. Passion is a requirement to enjoying life and experiencing the fullness of God’s promises in our daily lifestyle. In fact, successful people are people of passion.  Successful Christians are people of passion.  They have directed their passion in such a way to burn away everything in their life that is not of God.  The great news is passion is not something that happens. It is something in which we must develop. In other words, we choose what we want to passionate about and through our thoughts, actions and words; we shape that passion in our lives.

passionate worshipIf you want to burn with flames of passion and zeal for Jesus Christ, you can!  When you do, it will attract others to come and be changed also.  It starts with knowing who God is and loving Him with your entire mind, soul, heart and body.  Be willing to communicate with Him, sincere and open in daily prayer.  Start now, not tomorrow.  Let Jesus walk with you daily, helping you with all your decisions and give you peace of mind along with direction.  Be willing to invest your life in God through serving Him, giving to His work, His church and His Kingdom.  Eliminate the competition by ridding yourself of things that may distract you especially if they are opposite of Christian living.  When you allow God to have complete control over every situation of your life, then you will begin to burn.  Burn baby burn!

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I desire your passion to consume my life with a fire that burns so bright, lost souls and the hungry, the cold will be drawn to your consuming fire.  Let my heart search for you in a greater measure.  Show me where the fires of passion reside so I too can be zealous.  I live for you, I want to know more of you and I set myself on fire for you.  Help us all live in passion!  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Hebrews 12:28-29  Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for God is a consuming fire. (NIV)

2 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn”

  1. Oh, you’re so right. John Wesley used to talk about being on fire for God and people coming to watch him burn. The church needs more people passionate about God’s truth, loving God, obeying God and worshipping Him. Thanks. Very good post.

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