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The Old Paths


Being barefoot was one of the highlights every year when the weather turned warmer.  I remember as a child we would beg my mother to let us go outside without shoes.  I don’t remember even wearing shoes throughout the summer even when we went to the local grocery.  From our house, there were several paths.  The paths were a constant reminder of where we had been and where we were going.  One path led to the woods, one path led to the garden and one path led to the neighbors.  All three paths were well worn out by the time fall came.  Each path had it’s own meaning.  path to the woods

The one to the woods was a particular favorite because we had an old tree house, play house, streams and ditches and grapevines to swing on.  It was so peaceful to walk and adventure to a world of imagination.  The path to the neighbors was a place to meet friends, to play kickball, have a lemonade stand or sit and eat watermelon.  The path to the garden, although work to me was still refreshing to watch the fruit of your hands continue to grow and harvest.  This garden was our food for the winter and provided many families a treat throughout the summer.  There is nothing like walking through the garden, picking fresh tomatoes or okra and eating them on the spot.  My cousin told us to eat the hot peppers one time, ensuring that they wasn’t a little bit hot, we all took the bait and chomped down on them.  I believe there were four of us screaming and running down the path to the house.  Mom just laughed and put butter on our tongues.  Was that crazy or what!  She sealed in the oils of the pepper but during that time, that was what you did for a burning.  Nevertheless, that day the path was my way back to home, my salvation and rescue to a hot mouth and a bad decision.  

path to the gardenMany paths come our way in life.  Paths sometimes grow up when less traveled, become a thing of the past and some grow into trails or even roads.  Paths are choices we make in life.  Paths are marked sometimes clearly and sometimes are hidden.  When we come to a path, we first make the decision to venture where it may lead us.  Sometimes we have people standing there who have made or who have traveled the path many times coaxing us to follow.  However it is up to us to choose the right path.  It is the path we must also make for our children.  What paths do you have in your life right now?  Are they worn and easily marked?  Are they safe enough for your children or grandchildren?  Do they lead to fun, adventure, friends or family, or do they lead to nourishment and life?  Today as you ponder on these thought provoking questions or a past memory, I pray you will choose the right path and make it well worn for others to follow.

Prayer:  Lord, there have been many paths in my life in which some were those I chose to make and not proud of.  I am so glad those paths are no longer visible.  I am thankful for the path that leads to You and Your righteousness.  Help my family and I to continue on the path you have lain before us.  In Jesus Name…Amen

Proverbs 4:18  The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. (NIV)

Psalms 119:35 Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight. (NIV)


1 thought on “The Old Paths”

  1. Thanks for the memories! What a wonderful way to start the day – remembering the old days of clean grass and the paths to the garden and the neighbors and the secret hiding places!

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