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Red Painted Face

 boys and paintWithin minutes, Spencer came running in screaming, “Jordan painted his face with the gas paint!   Many times as the boys were growing up, I would let them paint their face with my acrylic paint but this was not acrylic.  I often went to the school and on several special occasions where I would set up a table and give the kids a tattoo on the face.  My little box of goodies was always out in the garage.  One day the boys came in and wanted to paint their face.  At that time, they were really into wrestling just like any 7-11 year old group is.  They wanted to paint their entire face like a wrestler.  I agreed knowing we must get it off before Dad came home.  I was always the mom who found time to let my kids experiment and have fun, however I didn’t supervise this time.  This was when Spencer came in yelling something about gas paint.  I immediately thought of why would he say gas paint, then the thought hit me like a ton of bricks.  I had put Lyle’s model car paint, which is enamel paint in the bottom of my paint carrier.  Of all the twenty bottles of acrylic, he had dug down to the bottom and pulled out this bright shiny tiny bottle.  It was red, bright red like a fire engine!  I ran to the garage and took one look at Jordan’s face in panic.  It was too late.  Lyle had painted Jordan’s entire face, eyebrows and all in this bright shiny red.  I screamed out, “Jordan that is the wrong paint, that won’t come off with water!  You have to let that kind of paint wear off and as much as you have on, it will take weeks!”  He jumped up and ran to the bathroom where he realized water rolled off of it because his face was already set and hard.   What does any mother do when faced with this kind of situation?  I called my mother in which she informed me I couldn’t use gas, paint thinner or any other strong smelling method in fear of burning his skin or giving him lung problems breathing in the poison vapors.  “Call the poison control center, they will know what to do,” she said.  Jeff arrived home just to see the entire mess and at first he was angry with me but one look at Jordan instantly made him smile.  Poor Jordan was in tears, thinking he was going to have to have a bright red face for the next few days or weeks.  Here I am on the phone with the poison control center, (again I might add) which they were quite helpful.  We were suppose to be at Granny’s house at a certain time, so we loaded up in the truck to head to Granny’s.  The center had instructed us to use cooking oil and Vaseline, which I didn’t have (nor film in my camera).   On the way there, Jordan stared out the window in silence as the other boys teased him.  They shouted remarks like, “How, me red face, you paleface.”  “You embarrassed about something?” and the list went on.  As Jeff continued the lecture to me about having car paint mixed in with my acrylics and why I shouldn’t let them paint their face because of what just happened, it was hard not to giggle between lecturing.  Once we arrived at Granny’s, she had the oil, the towels and the cotton.  It took over two hours and half of a bottle of cooking oil to make his face clean.  His face had a pink glow about it for a few days and his eyebrows and eyelashes looked as though they had been dyed red.  We still think back on this story and all laugh.

red face boy - not Jordan but closeMany times we do foolish things that will embarrass us.  Things we don’t think through and we agree with someone else to participate even when we trust someone else in the persuasion.  When we do things out of ignorance or not, there is still consequences to our actions.  Just as Jordan wanted to have so called fun, he got his self into a mess by allowing his face to be painted knowing his father would not agree with it.  However once the damage is done, his face or the result of the action was made plain for everyone to see.  Although quite comical to everyone else, inside he was not only sorrowful but regretted the decision.  Many times when we do things we know we shouldn’t be doing, even though they seem so tiny, the law of reaping and sowing still plays into affect.  God our heavenly Father comes to us with love and washes away our pain, sadness and the results from the action however people find it quite hard to forget the story.  God forgives and God forgets, however people sometimes do not.  Why do people remember the bad actions more than the good?   People seem to remember and focus on things you may have done over twenty years ago but can’t see the good you are doing now and how you have changed.  Just like the red paint, it takes awhile for the red glow to finally disappear.  Once it does, it’s all just a story or a scar as a reminder of the foolish things we do, God can erase the pain and replace it with joy.  

Prayer:  Heavenly Father thank you for your forgiveness over the little things I do when I mess up.  Help me to make wise decisions in everything I do to bring you glory without embarrassment.  Remind me to look upon people as you see them and how you can use them for the future, instead of looking at their past.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Psalms 30: 5  For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Red Painted Face”

  1. Of course this is my favorite story of the boys! And that was an awesome blog post. It deals with a situation in our family as well!

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