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Look In The Closet

woman-messy-closetMy husband often fusses at me when he opens my closet door.  I haven’t always been the best organizer in the house.  My closet is my world.  I can treat it the way I want, my domain, my clothes, my shoes and my purses along with all accessories, they are in fact all mine.  The only reason he goes into my closet is to grab the wrinkle release spray or the iron.  However, knowing how disciplined he is, it seems to make me feel guilty when he looks in my closet.  We were gone a few days last week and my mother-in-law came over.  She hid my husbands gift in my closet.  Embarrassed again, because clothes that I intended to hang or put away lay on the floor.  You see, I have always hated people trying to tell me what to do with “my” stuff.  If I want to have a closet disorganized, then it’s my business.  However I don’t like the way I feel when I am trying to get ready to go  somewhere and can’t find what I am looking for because it’s in one of those piles I have neglected.  I don’t like feeling embarrassed when someone takes a peak of my world and I don’t like my husband reprimanding my lack of discipline as he would one of our children.

As I reflected on this issue of mine, I realize He wants the best for me, for he doesn’t force me to clean up nor does he manipulate me to change.  He knows that us ladies get very moody when we have bad hair days and bad attire days.  He knows I get frustrated when I am standing in my closet for a lengthy time trying to find something to wear and it is he who has to listen to my complaints “I don’t have anything to wear”.  In fact, I have plenty to wear but it is so disorganized, I just can’t put it together.  Can any women relate to my issue?  I can organize it and then after several weeks it looks like tornado alley again.  I often wonder why it continues to cycle in this area of my house but I have came to the conclusion it is because of lack of discipline and being slothful.  Call it be rebellion or just simply lazy.  When I get tired of the chaos, I will be the one to clean it up.messy closet

We all have a closet in our lives.  A closet can be something of your world in which you have not discipline yourself into organizing it to be effective and productive.  Your closet is your will, your decision and you own it.  You can treat it the way you want to.  However, your closet if left undiciplined will continue to bring you shame, frustration, guilt and ultimately an unsatisfying chaotic world that  you control.   It is that part of you that is unwilling to turn over to God because it is your hang-up or lifestyle that needs changing and changing is breaking old habits.  Change is good and we must put in our minds the renewing transformation of Jesus Christ. It is allowing Him to have complete control over all of us, including our messy closets that we tend to cycle.  We all can organize and then cycle back to old habits, however if we discipline ourselves with His love, those old habits will be only memories of the past.  You can change areas with the Holy Spirit guiding and directing which leaves us to submit our control.   Are you willing to look in your closet or better yet can people take a look in your closet?  

my dream closetPRAYER:  Lord, help me to change and open up areas in my life that need changing to be effective and fruitful for your Kingdom.  In Jesus Name. Amen

I Peter 2:16  Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. (NIV)


1 thought on “Look In The Closet”

  1. Well, I keep my closets pretty tidy. During my marriage, my mother in law has looked in them uninvited, commented I should stop my volunteering and stay home to clean my closets. She has opened my boys’ closets in my presence. Her sister has commented on how tidy she found my new closet. The day after my sister in law looked in my sons’ closet in front of me, my brother in law joked about it.
    I find their behavior invasive and rude. So I put locks on my bathroom and closet doors. It is my space so I set my boundaries.

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