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Good For The Body

not good for the body... say ten times then walk awayMost everyone wants to loose weight and shed off a few pounds.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a miracle pill when after you take it, you can lose five pounds?   As one gets older the statistic shows you gain ten pounds every ten years after the age of twenty.  That is if you continue to eat the same and exercise.  I have found this holds true considering I only weighed 104 when I got married twenty-six years and four sons ago.  I have found myself now trying to eat healthy foods and less calorie intake.  Learning to discipline yourself in this area of your life can be very frustrating at times especially if you are addicted to sugar and sweets.  There is nothing like sitting down in the morning and indulging in a cup of coffee and a warm honeybun!   When we are trying to redirect our bad habits most of the time it boils down to redirecting your thought pattern about such.  Sure the honeybun taste warm, gooey and sweet but it is loaded with processed flour, sugar and several hundred calories.  Those few moments of pleasure eating what you want takes close to four miles of walking just to burn it off.  When I think about having to exercise twice in one day because of eating something I shouldn’t then I change my mind and say it is not worth it. I have a peace of fruit instead.  I have tried to retrain my brain to think, eat nutritionally and what is good for the body.

Let us look at the Spiritual side of all this redirect thinking.  Yesterday, I wept as I saw our congregation give an offering for a couple who needed help in their finances.  Because of lack of work they had gotten several months behind on several bills.  What I saw broke my spirit.  The body gave and gave generously.  When a part of the church body hurts, everyone hurts.  How much so should we redirect our thinking on helping our brother and sister in Christ?  If you are a Christian then you are part of the body of Christ.  The body shouldn’t work against itself but work to be healthy.  I have seen to many times that just because you may believe differently or hold a different doctrine doesn’t mean we all are not part of the body.  We should respect each other, lift up one another and encourage one another.  We all have different gifts and talents and should use them to promote a healthy body.  The giving of the body of Christ yesterday made me think how blessed we are to have people who have redirected their thinking with giving instead of judging.  We all want a healthy body in the physical and in the spiritual sense and this takes the love of Christ working together and for each other not against each other.  We shouldn’t want to put anything into our body that is not a healthy agent or reflection of Jesus Christ.body of Christ encourages

Today, try and think of what is good for your body and redirect your thinking for the good of the body.  Toss out the junk food and call a believer and encourage them, pray for them and have a healthy body…. mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.  

Ephesians 4:12 ….to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up….


2 thoughts on “Good For The Body”

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Good job. Thank You, Jesus for different parts of the body, even all over our states, country & world!! We just had a KENYAN PASTOR come back to our tent PEOPLE’S REVIVALto preach to the word to the US, Ryan Delling from Robert Starns Ministry in NY come & lead worship…!! What an awesome God! Funny too. I LOVE IT. Rainbow blessings today Melissa…God is a promise keeper. Gen 9:13… pj

  2. Yes. Our bodies belong to God. We were made by Him and for His purposes. I’m trying to lose weight after my second baby and there is nothing easy about it. I just had to make up my mind that I am going to get back in shape and get into my size 6 jeans. It takes a daily commitment to do something towards reaching that goal.
    I have to keep my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of my faith, and ask Him to help me everyday.
    There are times I feel alone. I exercise alone most of the time. But I use that time to talk to God or read something inspiring (while riding a bike or walking on a treadmill). God put the desire in me to be healthy and to help others become healthier. We don’t have our gifts to keep for ourselves. God gives us gifts so that we can serve Him by serving people. I try to treat people everyday like Jesus would. I meet people who are sick, broke, depressed, and rejected everyday, but I see them for what they really are: a precious child of God.
    And I am excited about starting a class on Monday nights to help people lose weight and become more energetic, vibrant, and full of energy to serve God. He truly wants us to take care of our Spirit, mind, and body.

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