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Driving Life

Are you driving life or is life driving you.  When you let life drive, you never know where you are headed.  When you drive life, you are behind the wheel and you can control your life but only with the help from the ultimate source.  The first time you meet a person, how do you think they characterize or classify you?   Can they know you illuminate the character of being a godly man or woman?  Do they see your faith, your works or your heart?  Can they tell if life is driving you, or if you are in control of your life?  

Driving Life or is life driving you?How does people you know, family and friends perceive you?  Family and friends are always the first to know the real you before a stranger does.  However, even a stranger can perceive truth that is evident.

We may fool others but we cannot fool ourselves and we cannot fool God.  He knows the real core of our very being.  He desires to be close to us and He desires for us to be honest and open not only to ourselves but also with others.  Sometimes people who have been hurt close the door to vulnerability in which hinders love from coming in and love from going out to the fullest.  Being vulnerable and honest is not being a door mat for others to come in and hurt you but a time to allow God to move through you to enhance your relationship with Him and to show His love to others.  It takes willingness and letting go of pride issues.   

When people know you they tend to look at your disciplines to define you but when they don’t know you they tend to look at your faith to define you.  

Do you show disciplines in your life to your family and friends so they can truly know that you are who you say you are?  When new people come into your life can they see your faith by your works and actions?

Today is a new day.  Start leaning on the Word of God to change you in attitude and heart to define who you really are in Christ!  Take control of the wheel of life and let God direct you for it leads to a road of pure peace and joy along with happiness and success.  

 MARK 6:4   Jesus said to them, Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.  


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