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Smile or Grin

“What’s she smiling about”?  Do you ever see someone smiling all the time?  Are there different types of smiles?  Why is smiling seem contagious?

Angelo - Mercy 29 African Child happy to be in schoolIsn’t it wonderful that God created us to express ourselves in a smile?  Many times we can smile, even at a complete stranger and they will smile back most of the time.  Yawning is another great example. When one person in a room yawns, several other people usually do, too. Coughing, clearing your throat, rubbing your face are other actions that often seem contagious. Smiling however is different.  It is simply because everyone wants to be happy and a smile is the first thing that breaks down barriers. When someone smiles at you, especially at a time you least expect it, you feel happier and you return the favor. A smile can make all the difference in the world. It creates an atmosphere. If you want to make a good impression, smiling is your best option. A smile is worth more than words for it is a jewel worn on your face as a sign of your personality. A smile is a universal language expressed in the form of a gesture that greets and welcomes other people. A smile has no monetary value yet it’s priceless. No amount of money can buy you one. It’s given away for free.   A smile comes naturally from the heart, resulting in harmony at home and prosperity for business. A smile binds and maintains friendship. A smile will clear the clouds and bring a little sunshine to your life.

 Have you ever went up to a baby and frowned, not usually!  We walk up and smile and coo to make the baby smile back at us.  When you smile to a baby, the baby will smile back at you. But smiling isn’t just for fun-it’s a matter of survival. Scientists have discovered that newborn infants, even those who are born blind, know how to smile. There’s nothing cuter than a smiling infant; adults just can’t resist making a fuss over that darling baby smile. You’ve probably seen it happen: baby smiles, mom coos and smiles back, baby smiles some more. It’s a regular smile fest. And that’s precisely what nature intended. A baby’s smile is designed to attract and hold mother’s attention; it is an infant’s way of bonding with the mother and encouraging her care.  Research shows that smiling is healthy because it can trigger positive feelings.

A smile can erase or diminish pain, especially emotional and psychological pain. A smile heals – it relaxes and calms you and others. Smiling releases “happy hormones” called endorphins that promote healing.  Not only is it beneficial to your health and wellbeing, smiling fosters joy, love, peace, humanity, compassion and friendship.

Did you know there are different types of smiles?  Take time to watch people how they smile.  You will notice some will show their teeth and grin or some will smile with only their lips. In one study with children the results listed many types of smiles but within two dimensions.  The first dimension of a smile, which is called playfulness-mock aggression, consisted of a broad smile and laughter. The second dimension was friendliness-appeasement, consisted of a closed and upper smile. There are sweet smiles that melt the heart, smiles that say, “I love you” which releases pure love and energy to the receiver.  There are breathtaking smile that simply states true beauty within.  There are smiles that convey, “Ah, I am satisfied”, or I am truly happy in this moment.  There are thanksgiving and thoughtful smiles, smiles that say, “I am up to something” promoting mischievous.  There is the confident smile, the proud parent smile and the sexy smile.  The list goes on and usually the person viewing the smile can determine what kind of smile is being portrayed.   

Take time to change your atmosphere today and smile.  Smile at everyone you see and watch it change your world!  God created smiling that we may spread happiness to others.  Smile right now and see if it changes your mood!  Smile or grin, it makes no difference if you truly have meaning behind it!

Proverbs 15:13  A happy heart makes the face cheerful…

Psalms 89:15 Happy are the people who have knowledge of the holy cry: the light of your face, O Lord, will be shining on their way.


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