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Turn On The Light

revelation!Have you ever got up in the middle of the night without turning on the light?  Despite the fact that I know where everything is, I still sometimes stumble over something and stump my toe.  Even though this is suppose to be easy, it can be quite frustrating to those who must get up several times in the night.  I often think about the term revelation.  Have you ever prayed for revelation, God to reveal His secret things to you? 

Revelation is information revealed or exposed, in other words the light is turned on.  When you step into a dark room you are unaware of anything in that room.  You can walk forward in faith as you go through the door however if you don’t have the light on, you will not be able to use anything in the room for you know not what you have.  Seeing that you may believe nothing is there doesn’t mean it’s not, because when you walk thorough a door into a dark room, the items in the room hasn’t been revealed.  A person who doesn’t know the salvation of Jesus Christ is lost.  He is standing in the dark or outside the room.  The salvation room is available and is waiting to be found and illuminated; however the person has not taken the opportunity to walk into it.  This doesn’t mean the salvation room doesn’t exist, it just hasn’t been revealed to him.  This can also pertain to certain truths such as believing in the gifts of the Spirit.  A person may refuse to believe the gifts were for the early church and not in use today.  However when the revelation (light switch) comes, the gifts are revealed, the person can experience and their faith can grow.  Just because you may not believe like someone else doesn’t make them false but could be that it hasn’t been revealed to you or vice versa.  Sometimes if something has been revealed you can try to bring others with you, however they must be willing to turn on the light also.  Two can be standing in the room, one totally illuminated and the other one blindfolded so to speak.

Revelation comes when you ask God to show you where the light switch is.  Some people stop in one or two rooms in their house, believing there is nothing more to learn.  They can get caught being entertained with the truths of the word but never go on expecting God to reveal more.  God has many rooms full of surprises, gifts and blessings and He is willing to show us if we ask and have faith enough to walk through the door expecting the light to come on.  God doesn’t expect us to go through a door and continue to live in a room full of darkness.  He is the God of light!God illuminate my mind!

Revelation comes, we experience it and our faith grows, revelation comes, we experience it and our faith grows, revelation comes, we experience it and our faith grows in which this process doesn’t need to stop.  We had a gentleman tell us one time, “the reason I want to wait to get baptized is because I know it is the last thing I must do and after that I won’t have anything to look forward to.”  My husband quickly removed that thought out of his head and letting him know, God has many things to go beyond that one room.  You see we see many people get stuck in routine going in and out of that one room. It can be in the form of tradition or not willing to change or stagnated in their relationship with Jesus or simply religion.   They preach, teach and yes that room is wonderful, it begins the foundation of something beautiful, but there is more!  There are more rooms to explore but as God starts to reveal more and more things to you, you get closer and closer to Him, which requires more discipline and more attitude changes.  These changes require holiness.  Some don’t want to go any deeper simply because they think it is too hard or they lack self-discipline not wanting to change or simply just not hungry enough.  In my disciplining fast track class, we all make the statement, “God illuminate my mind”.  I want everyone to get everything possible from God.  I want many doors of revelation to open and I want the light to reveal the many blessing and truths God has for them.

Proverbs 25:2  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

God doesn’t need to search for anything because nothing can be hid from him. However if you consider yourself one of His children as a king, you have the right to search out matters. You can turn on the light and reveal the truths of God.  He loves to see you hungry and reach out for Him.

I John 1:5  And this is the message, which we have heard from him, and declare to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

To walk in darkness, is to live and act against what God teaches and expects.

Jeremiah 3:6 Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them; and I will reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth.

Those who expect to receive comforts and revelation from God must call upon him. Promises are given to quicken and encourage prayer and develop faith. These promises or revelations lead us to not only salvation but also truth to direct us, along with peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Pray right now and as God to bring revelation to your mind, ask Him to turn on the light for you.  Who knows, you might be standing in a room with many treasures and you may be unaware of what really awaits.  There are many treasures around you that may have not been revealed.  You now have the opportunity to turn on the light!


1 thought on “Turn On The Light”

  1. Awesome Melissa….so thrilled to have the revelation of Jesus! and so thrilled to have you in my life!! 🙂 🙂

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