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Someone is Watching You

everyone watches youWant to make a lasting impression on someone’s life?  Research shows that you can influence over forty people a day if you are in a workplace or in your community.  When you add that up, it is a big number of people per year. The way you talk, dress you’re your actions prove who you really are.  People you may not know or even have talked to you have been watching you.  Turn the tables around and whom have you been watching?  You may have been keeping your eye on someone else and have never spoken to that person.  Sometimes people watch other people out of curiosity or as a role model. 

The nature of being a Christian should be regarded as serious and earnest.  It is a duty and service of life, which should aim at God’s glory in everything we do or say.  Unfortunately when we are miserable we are thinking only of ourselves, we forget the calling of God, because we get too wrapped up in our own gain or pride or self-pity.  When this happens a fall is usually around the corner.  God then picks us up again when we realize it is He who builds us, not we.   It is He who gives us strength, not ourselves.  It is He who gives the revelation, not in our own mind. They have their eye on you!

Having the nature of Jesus is solid and lasting.  When we speak, we must speak His words, whatever we do must show His actions.  We must serve with the strength that God supplies.  We are His stewards and we are here to serve.   We must remember that we are all instruments employed by God and endowed by him with various talents.  We didn’t gain them on our own but given to us to faithfully dispense it to the world.

You even influence a child by your daily actions.Do you want to make a lasting impression in others so they too can be a part of the Kingdom of God?  

  • Be consistent and committed with your relationship with Jesus and with others for people to trust and to believe in the work in which God has called you to do.  Obey His Word and learn to depend upon Him.
  • Give more than you receive.  The sowing and reaping rewards more than you may realize.  When God pricks your heart, within seconds move on that request wisely.
  • Respect those who have authority over you.  Show respect receive respect.
  • Make a point to tell your testimony or a testimony about God and what He has done in the last few days.  God will open a door in conversation however you must be looking for that opportunity.  Your words can be powerful, good or bad.
  • Be a friend. Learn to listen and learn to give away your time to benefit someone else.

Three Common Mistakes in How We Influence Others:

Advise Before Understanding

Build/Rebuild Relationships without Changing Conduct or Attitude

Assume that Good Example and Relationship are Sufficient

I Peter 4: 10 As good servant managers of God’s grace in its various forms, serve one another with the gift each of you has received.

I Corinthians 4  Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.


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