Abundant life, Encouragement, Leadership


Pondering of what I will be writing today as I was researching my journal.  I thought this was worth sharing.  

Giving to God Truth is constantly evolving in our mind yet not contradicting to foundation; we need to reach for it.  We are always to be students and servant of God but the greater truth is we are servants and friends.  To be a friend is higher than a servant but to be a good friend we must be servants.  Heaven is as close as you want it to be for we can all walk in the Spirit, reach for it.  We can have the Kingdom here with us.  We have made excuses to be powerless long enough.  The mission should be submission and we should walk it out, reach for it.  Manifest His Spirit in this Kingdom.  The Word is written to experience, don’t just know it but reach to experience it!  Know who you are in Christ and yield yourself to God, reach for Him.  His Spirit draws so we can understand spiritual things if we are to be spiritual minded, reach for it.  The system as taught us only to be students to sit and listen but God wants us to stand and be involved.  Reach beyond just learning!  Be challenged today; just don’t go through the emotions or motions.  Make a sound, penetrate the airways and be people of truth.  It is time for the body of Christ to rise up, look into the future, change and submit our spirit to defile nature and conform to the supernatural.  See differently to release the power, walk differently to make a difference, understand Spiritual things to bring down His Kingdom.  Reach for the unknown without fear but with power and faith!  God puts seeds into the wind; we catch those seeds at different times in our life.  God waits for us with stewardship and rewards those who reproduce the seed He has sown.  Reach for the seeds that tumble in front of you, reach into the air and grab a seed of opportunity.  A veil has been lifted and revelation has come.  There will be distractions but pray against blockages of heart, spirit and reproduction.  Motives should be witnessing to bring others to Christ to be Spirit filled.  The Way of the Righteous is clear but the way of the wicked is judgment.  Be blessed and thankful today for you are a child of God!  I will lift up my hands, reaching beyond my capabilities and I will reach with my heart to those who are hurting.  I will glorify and love the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul.  I reach for Him!


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