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Waking Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed

wrong side of bedHave you ever waked up on the wrong side of the bed?  For some reason that old saying is when you go throughout your day in a bad mood.  You wear your feelings on your sleeve, you have a bad hair day, you’re late for work, you have a flat on the way to work or get a ticket, a co worker is also in a bad mood, and the list goes on.  It seems when the ball starts rolling it collects negative energy along the way thus making our moods very ugly. When it rains, it just seems to pour which creates a sour wet mess of an attitude.   Not to mention for us women if PMS kicks in and then everyone knows it.  If Momma ain’t happy, no one is. bad day

Want to change your mood before you explode?  Feelings follow actions.  Here are a few tips that may help. 

Take a deep breath.  Concentrate on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Slow deep breaths have a relaxing and calming effect.  As you breath in, I imagine breathing in God’s Spirit and allowing Him move through my soul and body.  When I breathe out, I am visualizing negative emotions leaving my body.  Practice this for several minutes.  Not only does this help my mood it is also is a detoxify method for your body and is good to do several times a day.

Try remembering a happy time in your life and be thankful.  Visualize an experience that made you excited and happy.  Try to remember every detail about the event as though you were standing there again.  Anytime I am somewhere I love, like the beach for instance, I try and remember with all my senses.  When I am in a funky mood, I relive standing in the sand, wind blowing my hair and the sound of the waves.  It makes me smile and has a calming effect.

Go somewhere, even if it is to a local store, supermarket or gas station.  When you get there make a habit of smiling to at least ten people.  This is a great form of communication and also contagious.  People will smile back thus making you feel good and improve your mood.  Smiling at people lets them know you are open to communication.  You might just find a friend that way. 

avoid bad moodsIf you are already in a public environment, find time to compliment someone.  When you put forth an effort to make someone else feel good, in return you will feel good about yourself. 

Get involved with helping others.  It is not always about us and how we feel.  My mother always told me, “no one comes to the pity party except yourself”.  When you take time to do a favor, run an errand or give to a charity it will change the way you feel about yourself.  No longer feeling sorry for yourself, you will become to feel important and have a purpose to help others.

Go shopping!  You don’t necessarily need money to go look and try on clothes.  For most women, this I find is very relaxing.  It’s not always about buying but taking a mental note on what looks best, making a wish list or getting ideas for upcoming gifts.  Go to any type of store or yard sale.  Many people find it uplifting to go to an outdoor market and just look around.  (Remember to smile, compliment and look for ways to help while there).

How can you prevent bad moods?  I have a friend whose answer is to just “get the Holy Ghost” or “get God in your life”.  Let’s see if we can start the day off right before the negative starts rolling.

Get a good night’s sleep.   Sleep deprivation is a way to make your body feel sluggish and run down thus lowering the chances of feeling good about yourself.  Be good to your body by eating right, exercising and sleep. An overall healthy body will in general make you balanced mentally, physically and spiritually.

Set a routine upon waking.  I remember when the boys were little, it used to drive me crazy trying to find a lost shoe, (piled in the closet with toys), or misplace a favorite shirt.  We finally started laying out next day attire right beside their bed. This made our mornings a much easier and less likely to be in a bad mood. My boys practiced this throughout High School.  Routines are good but routines can change. 

Be flexible and when you get upset at something, step back and see if it is really something to get upset over.  Sometimes we explode over the little things when they are so insignificant to life in general.  When I find myself doing this, there are other issues going on inside my head that maybe I haven’t dealt with.  If you see a spouse or friend exploding like this, try getting them to talk and open up to talk about issues what they may be going through or feeling.messy room

Write out a schedule of what you want to accomplish for each day or through out the week.  Have a planner!  My planner was on my fridge and as a mom of four boys I arranged my cleaning around certain days, which helped me from getting overwhelmed.  For instance, washing four loads a day was a must.  Taking out the trash and vacuuming was also in my daily routine.  I made a list of things right next to my planner which not only made me feel good to get them accomplished, it made our entire family happy.  If your environment is a mess, a messy house, messy car, then it makes people feel like a mess thus creating bad moods.  Creating an atmosphere of happiness is all up to you.  Your job or your role is very important!

happy personTake time to read, pray and relax with God.  I think this is very important not only to enhance your mood or prevent bad moods but also important to your own soul.  A relationship with Jesus Christ gives you the strength and hope for not only your future but for the future of your children.  We are not meant to carry burdens or sickness.  Jesus Christ did that for us and we can go to Him for comfort and strength no matter what we face throughout our day.  We can be flexible and ready to change, accept who we are in the Kingdom of God and know with confidence we are ready to face our future without being in a bad mood.  In other words, we don’t have to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Isaiah 55:12 For you will go out with joy And be led forth with peace; The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you, And all the trees of the field will clap their hands.


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