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Where Would You Be “IF”

Lyle and African childWhere would you be “if”….. now you finish the sentence.  I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have Jesus Christ in my life.  I live, eat, breath and focus on my relationship with Him and loving others.  It takes much patience and time as I continue to work on myself to be a better person but also on the relationships I have in my life.  Dealing with people takes time and energy and must I say again patience.  It is what I have been called to do, it is my purpose as sister, as wife as mother as daughter.  I recently taught a study on finding purpose in life.  I sometimes think about all that is set before me, why I had four boys, why God has called us to minister, why did I grow up in a small town in Kentucky and many other questions to ponder on.  However, it is not the questions to ask but to go forward in life with thanksgiving and make a difference.  

I often see my mother as a very giving person.  She is not always the most positive person in the world but she is giving.  She gives her time to taking elder people to the doctor or running of other errands.  She gives her talent in helping out in the local shops and events.  She loves to cook and feed people when they come to visit and she helps out in the church.  Her devotion to my father is incredible.  She has stayed by his side through all the trials of marriage for 47 years.  Today she tends to his needs and puts up with his frustration of being sick with emphysema.  Her strength of being a woman of integrity and her will power amazes me.  I can look at her and think, “what if” she had left him when I was a teen and they were having trouble in marriage, or “what if” she never took me to Sunday School every Sunday and the list goes on.  My most fondest memories was the way she said with us, our prayer every night.   The impact you have on your children does make a difference. What if she never took the time to teach those things to me? 

I see in my children the need they have also to go and make a difference.  Lyle although being a preacher’s kid, wasn’t always the role model within his teen years.  However, God has called with purpose to make a difference.  Who would have known that a small country boy would go to Africa and fall in love with orphan children.  As He stood before us in front of the congregation a few weeks ago, he wept with such great compassion for the widows and their children.  He is currently in Africa now for ten more weeks.  When we were helping him pack for this summer trip, I watched him sort out clothes for toddlers and for the teens.  He takes great care in providing the needs and doesn’t settle for second best.  We talked to him a few days ago and he expressed how most of the children didn’t have shoes and they were thrilled to have flip flops.  We also provided bubbles in which most of the kids had never seen and ringpops as a candy treat.  I could almost see the excitement in the children and the smile on Lyle’s face as he retold the story.  Mercy 29 was started as a chance to make a difference.  A non-profit organization to change the world.  Once he returns to the states, in October he will go to India.  He plans on helping an orphanage there who has over 150 children, 47 of them which are blind.  Before He goes, He hopes to get 250 people to give a one time gift of $100 to raise enough money to rescue children off of the auction block (who are sold for work or slavery).  Please pray for him as he makes a difference.

Take time to be thankful today for the things and the life God has gave you.  The “what if” didn’t come to persecute us but to rescue us to make a difference.  

I Thessalonians 5:18  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


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