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Finding Treasure

treasure mapAre you ready to go on a treasure hunt?  Do you ever dream about finding money or looking for treasure?  Have you ever found money blowing across the street in front of you?  When you were young did you ever go on an exciting expedition or hunt, searching for clues or reading a treasure map?  All of these things seem to get our heart beating fast followed by excitement and joy.  I remember the times how I have found a nice pair of sun glasses, a purse, bills of money and numerous pennies.  I know you walk by pennies every day, you should pick them up.  Many times in our life God puts treasure right in front of us but because we are so blinded by the daily grind we forget to look and seek.

Today I want you to take time to look for treasure.  What treasure am I referring to?  The goodness in everyone.  For the next few days, look around you and take time to search deep into the lives God has placed in your world.  What talents, what characteristics, what goodness can you find?  It is in human nature to immediately spot the negative or what is wrong with people but how many times to we look for the good?  When you learn to practice this small task of searching for treasure in everyone, all of a sudden, favor and opportunities will come your way.  You will feel an overwhelming joy and attitude change.  This takes time and practice but when you take time to look for the treasure you will learn to see what God sees.  God doesn’t look at all the bad things in people’s lives, He look at the treasures.  He looks at the possibility of who you are to become, not what or who you were yesterday.   He puts people and opportunities in your life to help those treasures grow.  However, satan wants your treasure to decrease so he will try and blindfold you to get you to only respond or see only to the negative.  Satan will steal your treasure and hide treasure from you so that you cannot be blessed.

treasure chestWhen I find myself feeling down then I know I haven’t been searching for treasure.  When I am feeling upset or angry with someone then I am not searching for their treasure.  There is good in all people, sometimes it is just harder to find cause it may be buried a little deeper than you thought.  I look into people’s heart, into their eyes, into their words or actions.  Sometimes the treasure is just a smile.  When you start finding all this treasure, put it all together and you will find the love and image of God.  God shows himself through these little treasures.  God is the treasure.  God is in each of us but it is up to us to go on the treasure hunt.  Ready to go?

II Corinthians 4:7  Our bodies are made of clay, yet we have the treasure of the Good News in them. This shows that the superior power of this treasure belongs to God and doesn’t come from us.

Proverbs 15:6  Great treasure is in the house of a righteous person

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