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Walk That Line

walk the line of prioritiesPriorities are the main concern or the greatest importances in life.  Has anyone ever told you, “Get your priorities in order”?  Priorities can mean different things to different people.  When it comes to life and trying to decide what should come first can get quite confusing for some people.  Our lives are full of responsibilities and time is such a key factor in all of our lives is sometimes is hard to decide which comes first or what is most important in life.  Clarifying what really matters can set a person free to live life to its fullest potential.  

Most people start searching for the meaning of life or working toward a life full of rewarding attributes in social, career or family venues.  However as life has its many pitfalls and mountains, crossroads to deciding priorities are absolute. 

For some  priorities may start out by getting out of the parents home, getting through school and choosing the right career. This hopefully is followed by accumulating wealth and property along with marriage or at least living together in the hopes of having a family with children.  Going to church or having a civic involvement is a lower priority goal, but may be postponed until the children leave home or if there is spare time for hobbies and such. Religion, if any, is supposed to be an aid in achieving one’s life goals through self-improvement. Some join churches to meet people or for enhanced social status because it’s seen as noble and exemplary.  Retirement along with old age will follow.

In their idealism most people early in their lives do not anticipate divorce, ill health, bad news, loss of jobs, problems in the economy, or disasters that are in reality part and parcel of real life for most of us. In practice few people reach their goals in life, or feel empty when they do. Often the highly motivated achievers pay a big price in terms of family happiness or personal joy and peace or do so by paying a big price in other areas of life.

Underlying the normal person’s world-view is usually a search for success, happiness and pleasure based on what the world-system values highly—money, success, power, prestige. This order of priorities is opposed to God and ignores God’s goals and ultimate purposes for mankind.

change prioritiesWalk that Line God’s way, starts with setting up priorities His way.  Many disasters and pitfalls could be avoided if we carry out our priorities God’s way. 

The number one importance in life should be establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is a personal issue in which we all should put first in priority.  It is having God every day walking with us, helping us through every decision we make and sharing our personal time with.   Communication comes in prayer and knowing Him by studying the Word of God.  It is our daily responsibility to commune and fellowship with Him. It is not having religion or performing a service but having a love affair with the One who died for us and the One who sets us free with life everlasting.

The second priority in life should be our family.  This includes our spouse first and then our children.  Once we have established our own personal relationship with God then we should constantly be moving in terms of giving to our family.  Nothing should take the place of avoiding time spent with family.  God first, then family and in that order.

The third priority in life should be our work, job or ministry.  We need to be responsible to effectively make an impact and provide for on our first two priorities.  We must also be able to give by working in areas that enhance our God given talents in not only reaching, providing but also touching other people’s lives.  It is making a difference in the world you live in. 

If your priorities are not in God’s order, then everything else will be out of order.  If a person puts their job before their family, they cannot reach their full potential in life and everyone will suffer.  If a person puts their children before their spouse, the family will not be in Kingdom Alignment and it limits the blessings God has for them.  If a person puts self, career or hobbies before God, then God cannot bless with an abundant peaceful life.  People will go on searching for fulfillment of a void until they walk that line of setting priorities straight and in order.  It all starts with these four simple steps and in the order of personal relationship, spouse, children and job and in that order.  Walk that line and in that order to find what you may be looking for in life.  

First seek the Kingdom of God and all things will be added.


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