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It’s a Blood Sucking Leech

leech feeding

When I was a little girl I on several occasions went with my daddy to the backwater to frog gig. Now living in Kentucky, this frog gigging is a past time favorite for many county gals. I remember my mother frying up the legs as we watched them practically jump out of the pan. One of my doubts about going into the water or near the water was the thought of a leech attaching itself to my foot or leg. All I could think about was the monster, which sucked out blood if it got on you. Although small as any other worm, I was still a girl with fears about slime and biting things. Leeches have an anterior (oral) sucker formed from the first six segments of their body, which is used to connect to a host for feeding, and also release an anesthetic to prevent the host from feeling the leech. They use a combination of mucus and suction to stay attached and secrete an anti-clotting enzyme into the host’s blood stream. Many times the host doesn’t even realize the little sucker is draining the life right out of it. As I came across the in my studies about bitterness, the leech came to mind.

What does a bitterness leech look like?  First of all it will hide, attach itself without you really knowing it and then slowly suck the life right of you. Many times you won’t even know the bitterness leech has attached itself to you.  90% of leeches solely feed off decomposing bodies and open wounds.  Open wounds in our life consists of things, words or actions that have hurt us in which we quickly should rid ourselves of to prevent further infection, scars or delay of abundant life.  By unwillingness or ignoring the issue, the leeches will come as an invitation to feed if we do not quickly eradicate those hurts by giving them over to God.  Listed below are a few leeches in which we all should be aware of.  

1.  Leech of resentment is despising the offender accompanied by obsessive thoughts of revenge about making the person pay for the pain you are harboring.  

2.  Leech of sarcasm is seemingly innocent humor or words that bite or sow negative seed and even curses.  

3.  The leech of self-righteous is the perception that “I’d never do to anyone what you did to me” and you deserve what you get.  

4.  The leech of conflict with others occurs when you constantly want to vent anger upon everyone who knows or who doesn’t know the situation in which you are angry.  

5.  The leech of hostility desires to bring to pass actions designed to punish or pray that God punishes them for their actions.  

6.  The leech of aggressiveness in relationships by using demands, outbursts, and violence to cause others to cower or obey your demands.

7.  The leech of controlling behavior, which is the determination not to ever, let anyone hurt us again.  

leech of bitternessThe leeches of bitterness result in destruction of all relationship with others and ultimately the relationship with God.  When people are bitter, they can’t experience a full and healthy relationship with God.  Bitterness is an attitude of extended and intense anger and hostility. It is often accompanied by resentment and a desire to get even. It is a result of not forgiving an offender and letting hurt and anger grow until the pain and resentment sour the person’s view of life.  Bitterness is a sin that destroys life. Like the leech is continues to suck the life right out of you without most of the time you even knowing it.  It gets stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger and then reproduces itself to continue to feed on its host.

There are several key elements of bitterness.  Unresolved anger can lead to bitterness if allowed to ruminate.  The inability to grieve can also lead to anger and then bitterness.  When people are unable or unwilling to face the reality that their needs are never going to be met by certain relationships, the result can be bitterness.  Lack of control can result from this also.  When other people don’t meet a person’s needs, he or she can become obsessed with thoughts of “If they would just do this…”  

Bitterness can only be conquered by forgiveness and faith. Loving our enemies doesn’t mean having affectionate feeling for them.  Instead, it requires a decision to act in love toward them no matter how we feel.  We need to deeply experience God’s grace and forgiveness for our own sins.  Then we will be able to forgive those who hurt us.  Don’t let the leeches of bitterness eat away and drain the life out of you.  

Hebrews 12:15  See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up and causes you trouble, or many of you will become defiled.


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